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   Chapter 523 So Nice To Be Young (Part Two)

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In fact, they saw him as soon as the man came in. They all were trying to figure out who he was. The army was over-saturated with men, but not that kind. He was apparently a man of high rank and high taste. He looked so handsome and graceful. God must have given him all the best traits. They were all jealous. Now he got close to the Colonel and kissed her intimately. They were glad to see how he would end up.

"Are you deliberately shaking your ass to attract attention?" Daisy ground her teeth in anger. Her cheeks were flushed right away when he kissed her abruptly. She pinched his waist unnoticed with her hand, but her face looked so innocent. It was like she did nothing to him.

"Uh-huh, aren't you the joker? And you're the only woman here, right? So whose attention am I supposed to attract apart from yours?" Edward ignored the pain where she pinched him. He lasciviously smiled and stared at Daisy with his beautiful eyes. Immediately, all the soldiers were stunned by his unique beauty. What a gorgeous and breathtaking man. And how could a man be seductive and fascinating like him?

"It is hard to say. Maybe you prefer a man. There are a good deal of tough guys here." Daisy rolled her eyes and sulked. She turned around and left. It would not end well if she kept flirting with him here. That shameless guy might go further in front of her soldiers. In order to keep her good image in the future with the troops, she had better get away from him. She was not stupid enough to actively create headlines for their pleasure.

"Man, a good idea. I should listen to you and seriously think about it. Could you find a man for me? After all you know them better than me. Recommend a pretty boy to me ." 'Aha, dummy, how dare you taunt me? Do you think I am really easy to deal with? Okay! Now, open your eyes and see what's coming. Then you will know better

stant without any tenderness. she darted an angry look at Edward. As to his question, she did not want to answer it directly.

"No, you are absolutely not boring and idle, but I am. So I am here to surprise you, and the purpose is to see how you make all the young boys crazy for you in the army, " said Edward calmly. His handsome face bore an ambiguous smile. He would like to see how long a cool woman like Daisy could hold up in a war of words.

"Do you get it now? Open your eyes and watch carefully how I show my charm to attract them." She knew he was mocking her up, so she would not hand over her arms and surrender easily as he expected. It was impossible to ruin her perfect image in the army. She wouldn't let him win.

"Yep, I have gotten a good look. I am sorry to tell you a cruel fact -- no one is fascinated with you. You were so fierce and malicious just now that all of them were scared away." Wow, the soldiers looked so young! They were full of youthful spirit. Edward, by contrast, was much older. Therefore Edward felt uncomfortable right away. Although he looked much like them, he was actually much older than them. Age was his most sensitive spot. He would never get over it. That's why he said "so nice to be young."

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