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   Chapter 522 So Nice To Be Young (Part One)

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"Well. Now fall in! Ten hut! Dress right! Eyes front!" Even if she tried her best to be cool, it was really hard to change her feminine nature that she was born with. No wonder there still was a sweet girlish tone in her pretended indifference when she shouted commands. But, as a matter of fact, nothing could cover up the dignity of the blood that flowed through her veins.

This was another side of Daisy that Edward saw for the first time. She was completely different from the charming and soft woman in his arms. She was always abashed by his teasing when they were alone, but now she was so cold with a majestic and solemn face. Yes, she looked very regal. But there was something wrong. She looked so strange and completely unfamiliar to him. Edward was puzzled by this, thinking, 'Oh, my god, what kind of person is she really? How many faces does she have and which is the real Daisy?' Too many questions came to his mind. Just a few minutes ago, Edward still felt quite confident that he knew Daisy well. But now, he was aware of a brutal truth that he knew her so little and he had never gotten a deep understanding of the real Daisy.

"All you men seem to have a problem. And you're getting cabin fever. All energetic and nothing to do! Then I would like to do you a favor. I could give you something to do, to help release your pent up energy. I'm guessing you wouldn't mind, right?" Daisy took a look at all the officers and men. Hearing her words, all the soldiers around her got goose bumps right away. But no one voiced a complaint. Even though everyone disagreed, they still held it in and stayed silent. Because everybody knew that she wasn't named "Devil Drillmaster" for nothing. They would have it coming if they dared to come out against her.

"No Ma'am!" they said in unison. There were half of the soldiers under the direct administration of Hank, but Daisy was of a higher rank than him. So they had to completely obey her orders, without any objection.

"All right, now listen to my orders carefully." She barked them out in succession, giving them time to do as she commanded. "All of you, ten hut! Right dress

as to leave his stomach empty.

"Honey, how are you doing? Are you okay?" Edward carefully looked her up and down with worry. He dreaded that she might get hurt just now. He knew she was strong, but not so strong to be unharmed after fighting against so many soldiers.

"What are you doing here? To pick up the treasure?" Daisy looked askance at him. Instead of answering his question, she asked him another question. That was because she did get hurt and she did not want him know it. He always worried too much. It was impossible to be safe and sound in such a chaotic scene. After all, she was made of meat and bone instead of steel. But it was just a flesh wound. The soldiers punched and kicked her only when they did not know it was her. And they stopped their attacks immediately once they saw who they were fighting against. After all, nobody was not afraid of being punished for attacking their superior.

"Yes! I came here to pick you up." Edward did not mind her mocking words at all, instead, he took out a handkerchief from his pocket. Poor man. The playboy got used to carrying extra handkerchiefs with him all the time since he had a crush on her. Edward wiped her sweat softly with the handkerchief, then he kissed her on the forehead dotingly. Wow! Those who were out of breath and exhausted were taken aback. They could not believe their eyes. Come on, she was 'Devil Drillmaster'. How could he kiss her?

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