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   Chapter 521 Are You Trying To Turn This Army Into a Laughingstock

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8957

Updated: 2018-11-21 01:56

"Hello. This is Daisy Ouyang." When the phone rang, Daisy picked it up without checking who was calling. She fixed her eyes on the latest missile test data displayed on her computer. She didn't tear her eyes from the screen when she answered the phone.

"It's me. Are you free at noon? How about having lunch together?" Leo finally made up his mind to call Daisy. He no longer trusted any data provided by others, so he had to collect Daisy's DNA in person.

"What's wrong?" Daisy finally turned her gaze and listened to this familiar voice attentively. She sneered, 'Have lunch together? You must be kidding. We are on bad terms. Why should I eat any kind of meal with you?'

"Really? You can't even let your old man take you out to lunch? How rude." Daisy kept Leo at arm's length, which annoyed him. Leo thought she should show her due respect as he was her elder.

"The tension between us is palpable. Do you think we could dine together calmly?" It was presumptuous of Leo to think Daisy was rude. Years ago, Leo denied that Daisy was his daughter and kicked her out. Given what he did, Daisy thought he didn't deserve any respect. Her bitter suffering gave her no illusions. She had given up on Leo, so she didn't need to be nice to him.

"Just tell me if you have time. Nothing else!" Leo didn't want to snarl at Daisy, but what Daisy said made him fly into a rage. His heart pounded, face flushed -- he needed to blow off steam.

"I can't make it at noon. The army base is pretty far from the downtown area. I still have to work this afternoon. But we can have dinner together. Wherever you want is okay. I see no reason to refuse, really. I'm bighearted like that."

Daisy said in a sarcastic tone. She knew Leo must be up to something and would hurt her again.

"Okay. Let's meet at Westin Western Restaurant. I'll wait for you there." Leo hung up the phone immediately without waiting for Daisy's answer. He was afraid that Daisy would change her mind.

A faint sneer crossed Daisy's face. She put the phone aside and went on with her work. She quickly dismissed all thoughts of Leo from her mind. Her calm look seemed to suggest that she never got his call.

"Colonel, bad news! Our soldiers are fighting with Hank's." Daisy was immersed in her work when Mark rushed in, gulping for air.

"What? Why? What the hell is wrong with that guy?" Daisy sprang to her feet. As she told Hank, she was sympathetic to him but unable to stop any demerits he got. Why did he start yet another fight?

"Hank isn't involved in this. They started to fight with each other in the middle of a chat. Everything is spinning out of control, so I have to turn to you." Ma

"Why? Are you trying to turn this army into a laughingstock? Tell me. Why did company commanders and platoon leaders also join in the fight?" Daisy wiped the sweat from her forehead. She panted for breath because her physical strength was severely depleted, and her hair was a little messy. Fortunately, she finally stopped them.

The soldiers looked at each other and dared not answer. They turned to look at their company commanders and platoon leaders, hoping that they could find an excuse to convince Daisy. Otherwise they would be hurting for days.

"Say something! Cat got your tongue?" Daisy looked at the soldiers coldly and fiercely. The soldiers lowered their head and dared not catch Daisy's eye.

"Colonel, punish us. It has nothing to do with the soldiers. We stirred up the trouble, " a company commander said in a serious tone, walking out of the queue. The bruise at the corner of his mouth damaged his overall image. He seemed less confident.

"It's good that you admit your mistake. Do you think you can escape punishment? But before we play the blame game, tell me why you were fighting." Daisy was serious in speech and manner in front of the soldiers. She always looked cold and hard to approach. As usual, now she was poker-faced.

"Colonel, could we write down the reason in the report?" The company commander bit his lip. He was embarrassed to tell Daisy why they started the fight. He had a dispute with other company commanders, which led to a fierce fight. The soldiers had no idea what was going on. They joined the fight to help their company commanders, so the scene was chaotic just now. No one was willing to admit defeat. Fortunately, Daisy came in time. Otherwise the fight would continue. Daisy rolled her eyes. This would be a long day.

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