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   Chapter 520 Show No Respect To Your Elders (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6128

Updated: 2018-11-21 00:31

"Am I sure she wouldn't like it? I'm positive. I just don't understand why you drove her out? Were you afraid that she would take control of the company as soon as she found out?" Brian asked, smiling ironically while he squinted at Leo. He was wondering how his father would explain it to him.

"You should ask your mom about it, who wouldn't let her stay. I believe she will give you a satisfactory answer, " Leo said, looking at Yakira with loathing. How could he have turned a blind eye to that if she hadn't complained about her day after day?

"Why is it my fault? Besides, she was the one who was willing to leave. I never meant to kick her out of the house, " Yakira said. She would never admit that she couldn't keep Daisy around Brian. After all, he already had a problem with her. If he knew about it, then he would surely hate her, despite the fact that he was her son.

"How could she do something like that if you didn't pamper her?" Brian smiled coldly. Was it because Daisy wasn't his daughter? So he treated her cruelly. But Mary wasn't his daughter either. Why he could stand Mary but not be tolerant of Daisy?

"Are you questioning me now? Keep in mind that I'm your father, " Leo said. He almost lost it, when pushed by his son. He liked to think of himself as a calm man, but he had his limits.

"No. I was just telling the truth. Now that it's done and over with, why are you being concerned about what I said?" Brian said. It was obvious that he was challenging his father on purpose. Only he knew why.

"Brian, how could you speak to your father like that? Leo, don't take it to heart. He's just talking nonsense, " Yakira said. No matter how much Brian disliked her, he was still her son. So she couldn't stay calm when her son deliberately annoyed Leo. After all, Ouyang Foreign Trade came with a lot

would make you feel like you have a mother? Don't even tell me Daisy fits that role! Do you think you could have lived a comfortable life abroad without me? It is said that "parents do nothing wrong". If I didn't act like a mother, did you act like a son?"

Yakira said, and became a bit emotional. She accepted less education and didn't know how to teach her children, so her children looked down upon her and yelled at her. But was it her fault? Was she supposed to die because she fought for a better life for them? Finally they didn't even take her seriously.

"I admit I made a mistake, so I apologize sincerely. But don't think you can direct the course of my life, because you can't control me, " Brian said with cold eyes on her. Then he turned on his heel and walked upstairs. He didn't want to stay there arguing with her any more. She was right. As a son, it wasn't proper for him to dictate to her.

Yakira threw the plates in front of her with resentment. 'What a life I'm living!' she thought. It was okay she wasn't the woman that her husband loved. But at the time, her treasured son even didn't take her seriously. How could she keep living this terrible life? Had the day of reckoning come for her?

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