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   Chapter 519 Show No Respect To Your Elders (Part One)

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The next morning, news of the acquisition of Lin Group by FX International Group was reported on the front pages of all the newspapers, and everyone was talking about this overnight. Some showed glee, just because of schadenfreude, a pleasure in seeing others suffer. Mary was one of the best representatives, because there would be no comparison between her and Jessica any more. Jessica had turned into a poor Cinderella from a noble princess. Mary thought to herself, 'I'd like to see how arrogant she'll be in front of me in the future.'

"Brian, you've been back awhile. You've had enough playtime, but like everything playtime ends. So you can start to go to work for the company! It's time for you to get familiar with the business."

Leo put aside the newspaper. He didn't talk about the acquisition of Lin Group by FX International Group, even though it was a top issue. It hardly surprised him. After all, Lin Group had been hit hard once before. Everyone in the business circles knew full well that it was Edward's doing. So the acquisition would happen sooner or later if someone offended Edward the smiling tiger.

"Can I say no?" Brian stopped eating his breakfast, frowning with a determined look on his face. He had no intention of working for the company.

"Dad, Brian just came back. Could you let him off a little longer so he can get used to all this? I'm still working for you, right?"

Mary said. She got nervous hearing Leo's remarks. She had planned to establish her own connections and strength her foothold in the company before Brian stepped in. She didn't expect to hear this kind of bad news in the morning at all. For her, if the bankruptcy of Lin Group was a surprise, what Leo had said was definitely a nightmare.

"I agree with your father! Brian. Go back to work to give your father a hand! You can also gain experience, right? You need to know that Ouyang Forei

orgotten about it, "

Leo said. It was always a load on his mind, because he had a reputation as a kept man. So he had to change the name of the company which also led to temporary chaos and unnecessary losses. But he kept it afloat. And it turned the company with deep pockets into a small scale operation.

"Dad, will you leave Ouyang Foreign Trade to Daisy?" Mary asked and thought, 'No way!' She was just laughing to herself that Jessica had become the Cinderella. She didn't expect herself become as poor as her the next minute. If this happened, how would she show off in front of Jessica? This was not a big deal. The most important thing was she didn't want to go back to the miserable life of her childhood. She had gotten used to life as a rich lady over the past years at the Ouyang family. She would fall apart if she had to revert to living as one of the lower classes again.

"Do you think she would be interested in Ouyang Foreign Trade? Don't forget who she is now. How could a small company like Ouyang Foreign Trade attract her attention?" Leo said, frowning. He glanced at them. He had to do the DNA recheck as fast as possible, but he had no idea what kind of excuse he could use to ask Daisy out. It seemed this was the only problem for him.

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