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   Chapter 518 The Strong Perfume Smell

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"Miss Louisa, I'm sorry. Another time? We'll get together when I'm not so busy." Hearing the commander mention he had been busy all day, Kevin realized that he forgot to call Leena to tell her he had come back from the grassroots unit. He had decided to call her after his shower this morning, but he was too busy to remember it. Kevin wondered if she'd complain about this.

"Well, in this case, Kevin, I'll take a raincheck. And you can drop the 'miss' moniker! Call me Louisa!" Although Louisa was a little arrogant and imperious, she would become thoughtful when she was around a man she liked. So she didn't even let Kevin politely refuse her request.

"Indeed! Kevin, you're not a stranger. You are both young people, so you should feel free to call her by name directly." The commander thought highly of Kevin and liked him very much, because he was as capable as Daisy.

"Okay. Well, I have to leave now. Enjoy your time! I'll get you a birthday gift. Promise, " Kevin said and stood up, wondering if Leena had taken good care of herself during these two days when he was away. He was desperate to get home and check on her. He realized she knew how to cook, but she still hadn't gotten used to a lot of things as a daughter born to a rich family.

"Ah! So soon? Kevin, are you sure you can't stay for a while? Or, perhaps we could go together." Louisa wanted Kevin to go with her to the bar, which could also indicate that she was hitting on him.

"No. I think we're headed different ways. Commander, thanks for the nice time. Good night!" Kevin said and took his arm from Louisa's hand naturally. He was unaccustomed to the strong perfume smell that Louisa was wearing. It smelt good, but she put on far too much. It made it hard to breathe.

"Um! Have a safe drive home. Louisa, see him out for me." The commander didn't persuade Kevin to stay, because he knew Kevin must be exhausted after a long journey from the grassroots unit last night. Moreover, he hadn't taken a break all day, so the commander understood how tired he must feel.

"Got it. Kevin, let me walk you to the door!" Louisa said with a big sweet smile, because she thought her dad was giving her an opportunity for her and Kevin to be alone.

"Don't bother. I can see myself out. It's better for you to stay with your friends, Louisa! No, really, have fun!" Kevin declined the commander's proposal, then took his briefcase and rushed out. He didn't want to waste his time on this, so he was gone in a flash as if he were being chased by some predator.

"Hey! Kevin, wait up!" Louisa didn't imagine that Kevin would leave so quickly, so she shouted out his name.

"Never mind. Just let him go. Stay here! Enjoy yourself! You don't see your friends as often as you should. I guess he has other things on his mind." The

e you thinking about? So focused." Kevin asked and walked towards her to touch her forehead. He felt relieved when he made sure she had no fever.

"You...did you drink?" Actually what she wanted to ask was where the perfume smell on him came from.

"Yep. Good nose. I just had one, but you could still smell it, " Kevin said and pinched her nose. He felt the faint flower scent from her more attractive after smelling the strong perfume on Louisa.

"Definitely. People say I have a dog nose. So I could smell it if you ate secretly." Leena said and thought, 'So he went out for drinks with a woman. I can tell from the perfume. Who was she? A friend or a confidant? It can't be the woman he loves, because Daisy never wears such a strong perfume.'

"Girl, do you think I'm the kind of man who mistreats his wife? Would I eat in private and let you smell the odor of yummy food all through the house?" Kevin said, then flicked her forehead and held her hand walking upstairs with her.

"It's hard to say. A bad guy would never have the words 'bad guy' written on his forehead, " Leena said. She wanted to take her hand back, but she decided to quit after thinking about it for a second. She thought, 'we're a couple, aren't we? So a normal touch would be okay even if we don't love each other.'

"So, I'm the 'bad guy' you're talking about, right?" Kevin asked, tilting his head toward Leena, and thought, 'Being alone at home, this girl is still so optimistic. It seems I don't have to blame myself too much.'

"I didn't say that, but it's not my fault if you pigeonhole yourself as the 'bad guy', " Leena said with her pretty face flushed. She felt her heart beating faster when Kevin was holding her hand. However, at that moment she could never anticipate that she would weep a lot in the future because she never confronted him directly about the perfume.

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