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   Chapter 517 The Birthday Party (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5016

Updated: 2018-11-20 01:52

"Yes, thank you." Kevin followed Louisa and walked in. Because every house in the residence had a garden, it was much warmer inside.

The commander paused for an instant when he saw Kevin show up at the door. But he suddenly burst into laughter. "Kevin, I didn't know you had the time to attend. I didn't invite you because I knew you're quite busy these days. I didn't expect you to be here, what a coincidence!"

"Didn't you call your bodyguard and ask me to come here?" Looking at the guests in the house, Kevin frowned. He didn't understand what the commander meant.

"Dad, I invited Kevin. It's my birthday today, so I invited him to be here and attend the party in your name." Louisa giggled and walked to the commander. She held his arm and turned the charm on her father.

"Naughty girl. Kevin is too busy, and you tricked him into coming here. You're making me worry." The commander doted on his little daughter. Her way of dealing with things was quite unique and he couldn't control her at all. So he just let her be and didn't restrict her so much as long as she didn't go overboard.

The corners of Kevin's mouth twisted unhappily at the realization that he was tricked into attending a party. He had only met this girl once a few years ago. Why did she want him to attend her birthday party? He hadn't prepared a present for her birthday at all.

"Kevin, I'm sorry. I haven't seen you for a long time. I wanted to invite you for dinner or something when I graduated and came back

and filled Kevin's glass with wine.

"Dad, I want to drink too! I need to toast Kevin to thank him for attending my birthday party. And we're going to the bar for another round. Do you think Kevin can be our escort?" Seeing Kevin smiling the whole time, Louisa was encouraged and took it as confirmation that he must like her back.

"Louisa, Kevin is kind enough to have dinner here. You can't demand more of him. You can go and enjoy the bar on your own. Kevin was busy at work the whole day. He's too tired to go with you. Besides, he's wearing his military uniform. It's not proper for him to go to a bar like this."

Though the commander berated Louisa, his voice was still gentle. He was gratified by Louisa's change these past few years. Because no matter what, she was no longer the party girl that she used to be. He hadn't expected her transformation at all. Despite her obstinate behavior, it was still much better than before. Because of this, the commander wasn't too harsh on her.

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