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   Chapter 516 The Birthday Party (Part One)

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Leena didn't like to dwell on other people's shortcomings, so she didn't overreact when she noticed Kevin's feelings for Daisy. She clearly knew from the beginning that they got married for convenience, and that there was no love between them.

Before she married Kevin, she never knew that a military officer could be so busy. Kevin needed to participate in military exercises, go down to different grass-roots units, and execute many tasks among many others. Although they'd been married for quite some time, they didn't spend much time together.

It seemed that he never took the initiative to call her. But she was used to it, and she rarely called him to avoid disturbing him at work. She only did what a wife was supposed to do, cook. Although she didn't know if he would come back home tonight or not, she still waited patiently. She stared at the dishes she had prepared with a dazed look. This was becoming a recurring scene as of late. Recently, Leena had been spending dinner time waiting for Kevin.

A gentle breeze blew as night gradually fell. The dark night seemed to compel people to go home as early as possible. But Kevin wasn't in a hurry to get home. He frowned slightly, staring at the soldiers who were training in front of him.

"Major General." A strong and loud voice suddenly sounded in Kevin's ear. He turned around to face the person.

"What's the matter?" Kevin asked. The man was one of the commander's bodyguards. Kevin didn't know why the bodyguard would come to him at such a late hour.

"Major General, Commander is looking for you." Everyone said that Kevin was the mildest officer in the military base. But

Luo was the commander's youngest daughter. Both her face and her figure were exquisitely beautiful. But compared to Leena, she couldn't hold a candle at all. Leena was sweet while Louisa was sensual.

"Oh, Louisa! I remember you, the commander's daughter. I apologize." Kevin smiled gently. He was a little embarrassed that he didn't recognize her.

"It's fine. We just met once before, so it's understandable that you don't remember me. Besides, there are so many beautiful women around you, " Louisa replied, trying to figure out if Kevin had girlfriend or not. She never imagined that Kevin was a married man at all.

"What beautiful women? I'm surrounded by men." Kevin's response rang true. He spent all day in the military base. Everyday people around him were male soldiers besides Daisy, who was a female colonel. He wasn't exaggerating at all.

"Are you telling a joke? Please come in!" Louisa was pleased to hear Kevin's reply. It was good he didn't have a girlfriend. This way, she wouldn't be upset. At least, she didn't need to figure out a way to steal him from another woman.

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