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   Chapter 515 What Was Happiness

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"Relax. I can see why he was furious. He has been demoted to a lieutenant. It must be tough for him. We both got promoted on our own merits, so I know how difficult it can be. I don't blame him."

That's the kind of person Daisy was. No matter how much others provoked her, she would always put herself in their position to understand their perspective rationally. It was both a strength and a weakness. People took advantage of her kindness a lot, leaving her helpless because of this.

"But I don't think he understands you. Do you forget that he tried to bring you down? You're considerate towards a deceitful villain like him, but he doesn't appreciate your kindness. Look at your injury. This is the price you pay for being too kind."

Edward's eyebrows furrowed tightly. Admittedly, it was good to be kind, but Hank kept deliberately making trouble for Daisy because she was too nice. Edward didn't agree with Daisy. Everyone needed to strive hard to achieve what they wanted, despite their different life experiences.

"Daddy, you're right. Mommy, don't keep putting up with a wicked villain like Hank. Because he thinks that he can bully you, he keeps finding fault with you."

Justin didn't like Hank's two-faced smile. The sight of Hank made him sick. Back when he lived in the army base, he often hacked his computer and deleted all his files. Because Hank couldn't recover the files, he had to retype everything. It took up so much of his time, that he didn't have time to stir up trouble.

"That's why I didn't intercede for him this time. Why are you both criticizing me?" Daisy felt that she was isolated by Edward and Justin. She knew that she was too indecisive in dealing with the issue of Hank, but it wasn't because she was afraid of him. She did it for the sake of his amiable mother. Otherwise, she wouldn't bear his constant hostility patiently.

"We aren't criticizing you. We're only giving you a piece of advice. Don't treat us as your enemy and overlook the actual villain, " Edward sighed. He didn't think that Daisy was a cold woman. She was too easy on Hank, but she was fierce against him. She was never brusque with others.

"I know what I'm doing. Do you really find me so weak? I just want to pay back his mother's kindness. Although Hank is horrible to me, his mother was always kind to me. When I gave birth to Justin, she visited Hank in the base. She accompanied me throughout the whole childbirth like a mother, and took care of me while I was in confinement. I can't help

ho you are to my mom? Apart from being her husband, do you have any other identities that I don't know about? Let me guess. You can't be her lover, because you're not romantic enough. You can't be her confidant either, because you keep flirting with her. You also often molest my mom. Well, it's really difficult to describe what you are to her!"

Justin counted on his fingers as he enumerated Edward's behaviors one by one. He had a serious look on his childish face. The adorable expression on his face pleased Daisy.

Daisy burst into laughter. She agreed with her son. Edward cast dark looks at him.

"I'm not romantic enough? Tell me. What should I do to be romantic?" Justin's words reminded Edward that he had never done anything romantic for Daisy, which made him feel guilty. Justin reopened Edward's old wounds.

"I don't know. I'm an innocent child. Don't you think it's inappropriate to ask me this sensitive question?" Justin raised his eyebrows smugly. Because Edward ignored him, he wanted to embarrass him.

"What? You, an innocent child? No one believes that. Don't make me laugh." Edward held Justin by the ear angrily. He was helpless against his mischief. Justin always did naughty tricks, but he often played innocent. Edward wondered if he ever got tired of his antics.

What was happiness? It wasn't about a high status, expensive sports cars, or a large sum of money. Edward's family was a perfect example. They enjoyed each other's company and laughed heartily. They loved each other. Although they kept teasing one another, they never bore grudges against each other. It was what Edward wanted. Every man who wanted a home felt the same way.

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