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   Chapter 514 Do You Want Me to Undress You Again

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"What's wrong with your shoulder? Let me have a look at it, " Edward asked, easily undoing the first two buttons of her uniform. He turned the uniform out and saw the bruises. His eyes instantly turned cold. He stared intensely at Daisy, waiting for an explanation.

"It's nothing, just a couple of scrapes from training. I'll be more careful next time." Daisy blushed, reaching for her uniform to put it back in order. Although she and Edward had already been intimate, she still wasn't used to being naked in front of him.

"Be still. Do you think I'll get turned on right now?" Edward stared at her. There was underlying anger in his tone. He got off the bed and walked straight out of the door. Daisy watched his retreating back in slight discomfort. This was not how she had imagined things would go at all. He used to care about her so much. He wasn't supposed to react this way at the sight of her bruises.

Daisy bit her lower lip and sighed. She straightened her uniform and buttoned it up slowly, wondering what was getting on Edward's nerves this time. What an arrogant and moody man! But it didn't matter why he was mad right now, as long as he didn't grill her about how she had gotten the bruises. She had no idea how to explain them.

"I told you not to move. Why did you button up your uniform? Do you want me to undress you again?" Just as Daisy moved to stand up, Edward returned with a white porcelain bottle in his hand. He walked up to her with furrowed eyebrows.

"I..." Daisy twitched her mouth, feeling wronged and too upset to say a word. Should she have just sat there with her bare shoulder? That was not like her. And Edward wasn't acting himself today either. He hadn't said a single caring word to her yet. All she felt from him was cold anger, the complete opposite of how he usually acted towards her. She wanted to get away from him.

"Unbutton your clothes, " Edward said coolly. He hadn't intended to use that tone with Daisy, but when the words came out of his mouth, he sounded like he was in a bad mood. He wasn't upset because she hadn't told him about the blood donation, he was upset because she never took good care of her body. Whenever he saw her get a new bruise, he felt helpless for not being able to protect his woman. But Daisy had a unique profession, there wasn't much he could do about it.

"Edward, what's the matter with you? What are you so upset about? What did I do? Why do I have to unbutton my clothes?" Daisy raised her voice in agitation. Because her attention was focused on the expression on Edward's face, she didn't notice the bottle he was holding. She was irritated by his request. First, he ripped open her clothes and walked away without a word, now he was making her unbutton them h

ocent. I know you." Edward sighed and let go of Daisy. Justin displayed a cunning smile as Edward glared at him angrily.

"Mommy, daddy doesn't want to answer my question. Can you tell me?" Justin ran into his mother's arms with a smile.

"No, I'll only say the same thing as your father did." Justin thought his mother couldn't see him through, but he was wrong. Daisy knew that Justin was only pretending to be ignorant.

Justin pouted. "My innocent heart is broken. What kind of parents are you?" Justin cried dramatically on Daisy's shoulder.

"Innocent heart? What innocent heart? Why don't we see it right now?" Edward asked as he looked at Justin. He enjoyed family moments like this, something he had never dreamed of before. He originally thought that he would spend the rest of his life switching from one woman to the next as he used to, but not anymore. His family brought him so much happiness.

"That's because you don't love me anymore. You both ignore me." Justin complained about their recent neglect of him. He was about to shift to Daisy's other shoulder when Edward stopped him.

"Be careful. Your mom's shoulder is injured." Edward pulled Justin away from Daisy. Apparently, he cared about her a lot. His cold attitude earlier was only a pretense.

"Were you on an assignment today? Or did Hank pick on you again?" Justin stopped smiling. He guessed the answer was the latter. That guy was a troublemaker. He had picked on his mom a lot ever since they moved in the residential quarters. Luckily, she seldom got hurt unless she was distracted. Hank was far from her match. But why was she injured this time?

"Hank again? I guess he never learns." Edward smiled grimly. This was the reason Daisy had been avoiding his question. But he had gotten his answer through Justin. He could stop pushing her now.

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