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   Chapter 513 I Don't Need An Apology From You (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4989

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"Why didn't you tell me?" Edward was deeply shocked. Because he had lost his hope for Jonathan long before. So he was accustomed to his indifference and estrangement. He felt it unbelievable when he heard the news.

"Why would I bring it up randomly? I wanted to wait for a good time. If it was not for the painful words you said just now, I wouldn't tell you this. Are you okay? Does the wound still hurt?" Thinking of the sight of the scar left by the surgery when Edward was naked just now, Cynthia felt heartbroken. At the same time, she was pretty depressed. Was it really so difficult to be close to him?

"I'm fine. You may go downstairs first. I want to be alone for a while." Edward seemed to be in a trance. It was incredible to hear such news. He needed time to think about it.

"Okay. Don't feel trapped. We will pick up Justin at the school later. If you need anything, you can call Mrs. Wu." Cynthia looked at Edward with concern. She heaved a sigh and then slowly walked out the room. She knew Edward had always been emotional. So she understood what he might feel after he discovered this. He must be afflicted with mixed feelings.

Edward threw himself on the big bed. His eyes were empty and his mind wandered. No wonder his father looked very strange today. He had wondered why he suddenly became so friendly to him. It turned out that there was a big secret behind it. But why did he do this? Didn't he need only Cynthia? He acted that way all the time. Why would he

rself. Her purpose this time was to interrogate the criminals and find out the hideout of the remnants of the arms dealers. But in the end, it was fruitless. It seemed that she had to change her strategy to deal with them. Some people were so stubborn. They would not confess if they were not tortured by force.

"To the jail? Why did you need to go there?" Edward suddenly sat up from the bed and naturally put his hand on her shoulder. Daisy suddenly let off a light ouch at his act. Edward was surprised at her reaction and immediately took back his hand. Did he hurt her with his hand? He wondered. On second thought, it was strange. Even if he had used so much strength, was it necessary for her to be in such great pain? She looked anguished.

"It's about the gun fight. I have to write a report, so I need to know more about some details." Daisy looked evasive in Edward's eyes. She hoped he would ignore the sound she uttered because of the pain. Otherwise he would be very worried.

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