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   Chapter 512 I Don't Need An Apology From You (Part One)

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"Is it because you have something to say to me?" Edward's voice trembled at the sudden care. Cynthia was very gentle to him today. Probably because he was used to the life without his parents' love or concern, he felt a wave of sadness when he suddenly felt being cared for.

"Is it so obvious from my look?" Cynthia asked in a tender voice, just like her temperament, which was as clear and pure as water.

"You must have something bugging you. Otherwise why would you leave father downstairs alone and come up here looking for me?" Edward said with a bitter smile. He was not that narcissistic as to think that he was more important than his father in Cynthia's heart. He was pretty sure that this would never happen.

"Don't you think that you and your father are equally important in my heart?" Cynthia sat beside him. She looked affable and approachable as any other mother did when they showed care for their children. But Edward didn't notice the helplessness in her expression with his head down.

"This thought is too distant from me. So I never overestimate myself in your heart. You only have each other in your hearts anyway. And I'm just like a toy to you, a disposable person. When you are happy, you will look at it. When you're not, you simply take it back to the storehouse and will not remember it in ten days or half a month." Edward said it calmly with a smile, as if he was talking about anyone else.

"Sorry!" Cynthia couldn't think of any other excuses to spare herself excep

at he would do such thing for him. Because Edward thought that Jonathan always hoped that he had never existed in this world. So how was it possible that he would donate his blood to him?

"Do you think it's necessary for me to lie to you? I wish you had seen it with your own eyes. You didn't know how nervous he was in the hospital. If it was not because that the nurse refused to take more blood from him, he would rather give all his blood to you. Only by then did I realize that he was wronged to be thought that he didn't care for you. He is just used to cheating himself. He unconsciously hide his feelings for you deep in his heart and doesn't want to touch them. But these feelings were awakened when you were in danger. He knew what he should do when he was thrust into that situation."

Cynthia knew he would not believe her. If she were him, she would also have doubts. How could it be possible that a man who was always indifferent to his son would suddenly show his great love to him?

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