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   Chapter 511 Jonathan's Tea (Part Two)

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"Actions speak louder than words! Show me. I never hurt people's feeling without any reason." Jonathan smiled tenderly. It turned out that being a good father was not that difficult. The point was whether you would like to show your kindness and tenderness at first.

"Well, I'd better stop. My wound hasn't fully recovered. Tom said I can't drink something that's too much of an irritant." Every child wanted to be the excellent child in front of his/her father. This thought had nothing to do with age but the eagerness to show off his/her talent. That's why Edward didn't want to act clumsy in front of Jonathan and tried to find any excuse. Although his father would not necessarily pay attention to him, he still unconsciously avoided this kind of situation.

"Tea can't be an irritant. Are you trying to find an excuse?" Jonathan continued enjoying his tea. Although it was really hard to drink, he kept calm on his face and didn't show it at all. There was no emotion showed on his face. He was such a calm man. No wonder he was a masterful figure.

"No, I am not finding an excuse. You don't believe me? You can call Tom." Edward was sure that Jonathan would definitely not call Tom himself. So he wasn't worried that he would see through his lie.

"He is your friend. Of course I can't get any useful information from him." Was he getting old? He felt touched by the conversation with his son, though they kept pointing barbs at each other.

"Well, now that you won't call him, I don't know what to do

with an interesting smile. So he involuntarily pulled the bath towel on his body with the thought that he might not be well covered by it.

"Nothing. I'm just bored. So I am here to enjoy spending time with my son after his shower." Cynthia took the clean towel aside and waved at him, indicating he should sit next to her.

"You are bored? Didn't you see someone lonely there?" Edward twisted his mouth. He was uncertain what his mother was planning in her heart. But he did what she had asked him to do and sat down in front of her. He acted like a cute boy. Well. He had no way to refuse his mother at the sight of her gentle smile. His heart would melt unconsciously and he would forget to keep his distance from her.

"But why do I feel you're even lonelier?" Cynthia wiped his wet hair gently. She felt a lump in her throat. This was the family atmosphere she wanted. She didn't expect that Edward would be very close to them, but she wanted to change current situation and be more loving to him.

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