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   Chapter 509 Impatient

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"Jessica, watch your mouth! Or I will take you to a veterinary hospital to cleanse it. Bitch is a more suitable word for you." Rain hated the way women fought. Particularly the ones who used foul language. So when Jessica tried that, his brows knitted and his face darkened. The cheeky grin on his face a minute ago was nowhere to be seen.

"Huh! Good! You're all protecting her. I wonder if you will still think she's a goddess when you find out she is actually a tramp!" Jessica's laughter sounded creepy in the afternoon sun. Her insolent tone made Rain feel uneasy and get goosebumps.

"Listen up. Don't play dirty tricks. You should know you come to a sticky end every time you mess with Edward. Just think about what happened to Lin Group. Are you still willing to take that risk?"

Rain thought she was bluffing and wouldn't do anything to Daisy. Besides, it would be a piece of cake for Daisy to handle her. "Things have gone this far, I have nothing left to lose. But you, on the other hand..."

Jessica looked at Rain with a sarcastic light in her eyes. Her hands touched the desk that she had used for many years. From now on, she would live a life that she had always despised. Every day was not Sunday. She was arrogant, and had every right to be. But now, she was on the lowest rung of the social ladder. Her father would fall ill again with the news. In that case, she would be too ashamed to see him. "I wouldn't know. Miss Lin, time to pack your things and leave.

I need this desk to reassign work." Rain smiled. Did she really have nothing to lose? Fine. Now that her mind was made up, he wouldn't waste any more time to talk her out of it. "What can you do if I don't leave?

You're acting like a bunch of bandits." Jessica gritted her teeth. She was used to kicking someone out, but now she was the one being kicked out. "Bandits?

I like that title. Today I'll show you what a real bandit is like. Security, get her out of here!" Rain was special in some ways. Ethics and courtesy didn't work on him. Since they didn't matter to him, he didn't extend them to others, either. "Miss Lin, we're sorry.

But we're only acting under orders. So it would be better if you leave under your own power. Then it won't be too awkward for us." Two guards walked up to Jessica, embarrassed. They didn't drag her out but asked her to leave willingly in a friendly way. After all, she used to be their boss, who paid them. Since she wasn't anymore, they had to follow their new boss' order to save their means of livelihood. "You!

You flunkeys! You used to be just my dogs. Now you are groveling to your new owner. You disgust me! Go away! Keep your dirty hands off me!" Jessica glanced at the guards coldly. She wa

sn't as aggressive as she had been a moment ago. Nothing left on her face but misery. He found her pitiable.

"Why would they summon me? I did nothing wrong. It's my right to report someone as a citizen." Hearing the investigation department would cite her, Jessica was flustered. All she did was write a letter. How come it had become so serious?

"Do you think the army is full of dumbasses? You reported a colonel, not just some average soldier. Of course it would attract a lot of attention. Forget it. You wouldn't understand. You have no idea how strong class awareness is in the army." Hank waved his hand. The ferocious look on his face disappeared. It seemed that Daisy was the only pain in the ass to him. He had a heart for others after all.

"What do I do?" She asked in despair, clutching at straws. Suddenly Hank became her last hope, like the last piece of floating ice in the vast ocean.

"Keep saying you know nothing. They can't torture you anyway. Since you are already in a fine pickle, I don't want to make it worse for you. Take care. I hope we can still be friends. Bye!" He cast a lustful look at Jessica's pretty face and gave a vile smile. Then he turned and got into the Jeep parked at the roadside. He would definitely make that woman his if it weren't for his identity's sake, he thought.

Watching the Jeep drive away, Jessica fell into a daze, uncertain if Hank was telling the truth. Could she be under investigation merely for writing a fraudulent letter? She felt like a traitor.

She threw the files into her car and exhaled deeply. Her eyes hurt. She closed them, crying inside. She had lost everything, all for the sake of a man who didn't love her. Even the Lin Group was gone. But he still didn't love her. Was he really worth it? Or maybe she just hated to see Daisy win.

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