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   Chapter 508 The Lin Group Changes Hands

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7827

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"Grace died many years ago. Leo, why don't you just forget her? Why do you still love her so dearly? Even if she cheated on you, you still value her?"

Yakira stroked her sore chin. She harbored serious jealousy against Grace. So many years had passed, but she still couldn't win Leo's love. Why? Leo was always courteous to Yakira. But Yakira had never gotten the love she wanted from Leo.

"In the past, I was convinced that she cheated on me, but from today on, I won't believe anything you say. You'd better tell me the test report you gave me is authentic; otherwise I can't guarantee if you'll still be able to stand in front of me safe and sound."

Once a couple ceased to trust each other, the good feelings between them would be gone. Yakira was trapped in a loveless marriage and felt helpless.

"Why are you so cruel to me? You should know she didn't leave anything for you, but I gave you a son to carry on the family name. You can't doubt my loyalty to you." Yakira thought, 'Has something changed quietly? Why did he suddenly mention the test report?'

"Don't use your son as a bargaining chip after you make mistakes. It's true that you gave me a son, but thanks to you, I have lost my daughter. Wait and see. Once I find out the truth, I will drive you out of my house!"

Leo looked at Yakira with contempt. It was necessary to re-do a DNA test. He decided not to trust anyone else. To set his mind at rest, he had to do everything on his own.

"Mom, what is dad talking about? What's the test report? Is it about Daisy? You gave dad a false report, so dad kicked Daisy out?"

Brian quietly listened to Leo and Yakira at the beginning. He gradually figured out what was going on from what they were saying. As he said, Yakira gave Leo a fake DNA test report, so Leo said he lost a daughter because of her.

"That's what you think of me? Now I know I'm of no importance in this family. All of you can criticize me indiscriminately. Brian, mind your own business. Stay out of this matter."

Yakira didn't think that her son would help her. Her mood could not have been grimmer, so she didn't want to argue with him. Brian always defended Daisy and treated Yakira as a stranger.

"Do you still care what I think of you? I couldn't show any respect for you starting at about age five. You're not fit to be a moth

she failed to see the truth and had extravagant hopes for something that didn't belong to her.

"Where is Edward? I want to see him! What did we do? Why does he have to eliminate us?" Jessica suddenly rushed over to sway Rain.

"Sorry. He doesn't want to see you. I am in full charge of the handover. As a matter of fact, you didn't provoke him, but you really shouldn't have offended Daisy. You make trouble for yourself. You can't blame others."

Rain shook Jessica off. If her assistant hadn't caught her, she would have fallen to the ground.

"Is this because of Daisy again? Why is she involved in everything? Why do all of you like her so much? She is the apple of your eye. Daisy, I hate you! Wait and see. You'll regret it!" Jessica pushed her assistant away and screamed hysterically. Her eyes were blurred by tears, but the vicious expression was apparent.

"Hey, bitch! Leave Daisy out of this. You framed her in the first place. Try to be sensible about this, okay?" Rain hadn't thought that Jessica would overreact. She actually blamed Daisy for what happened to her.

"How can I be sensible? Can I regain the Lin Group? Can the baby in my belly enjoy his father's love after he comes into this world? Can the bitch Daisy give Edward to me? No! Then why should I be sensible? It means nothing to me!"

Jessica angrily swept the items on the desk down to the ground. She had lost her mind and closed her ears. She firmly believed that Daisy caused all this. To vent her hatred, she swore to make Daisy's life more miserable than hers.

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