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   Chapter 507 The One And Only (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4889

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"No, l didn't mean it like that. You just appeared out of nowhere. I was scared." Yakira crouched down to pick up her bag. She dusted off the bag, carefully avoiding Leo's penetrating gaze. She didn't dare make eye contact with him, fearing that her look might betray her secrets.

"Scared? Do you seriously expect me to believe that? You went behind my back and secretly took five hundred million from somebody. You know I'm not happy about that. But you don't seem like someone who gets scared very easily. How could my words frighten you?"

Asked Leo with a sneer. He looked at the woman and began to wonder if he had made a mistake to trust her. And then his mind went back to the report Luke gave him. He had refused to believe it was true, but now he kept thinking that maybe it was not forged after all, that maybe Yakira had planned all this and he fell for her trap like a fool.

"Why do you still believe that? There is no five hundred million! Jonathan Mu made the whole thing up! He set me up! He wants to turn us against each other. He wants to avenge the slap you gave Daisy. Don't you see what he's doing?"

Yakira never dreamed that Jonathan would mention the money again. After all these years, why did he try to stir things up now? Hatred for the man ran like poison through her every thought.

"Of all people, why do you think he chose to set you up? Your defense is a little weak, don't you think? Five hundred million! No wonder Jonatha

his moment Yakira finally realized one thing, after all that she had done for Leo, after so many years of being together, she was still no match for Grace. Just her name could make Leo lose control. What would he do if he found out that she was partly to blame for Grace's death? Would he kill her?

"Huh! You know what she means to me. If I find out you crossed the line, I will make you suffer. I promise you this, you don't want to feel my wrath."

It seemed very normal if the housekeepers told Yakira something about Grace. After Grace died, he didn't change the housekeepers, yet Yakira said she was the woman in charge of the house now and would need some submissive housekeepers, so slowly she had fired everyone who had been in service to Grace. Dismissing some housekeepers was not a big deal and he took no notice. But now as he listened to her explanation, he sensed something fishy. Was it possible that deep in his mind he just didn't trust Yakira anymore?

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