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   Chapter 505 Are You In Love With Him (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6414

Updated: 2018-11-19 00:22

"No, thank you. I'm going shopping with Leena. And I'd like to have a nice, long walk." That said, Edward followed Leena away. He had no idea how horrified and helpless Luke was when he heard his decision. Although Luke was unwilling to accept it, he couldn't talk back to his boss nor could he try to change Edward's mind. All he could do is to follow his order, and to call up another bodyguard of Edward's, asking him to drive Edward's car following them, in case Edward was tired or needed to get in the car.

Edward didn't know his bodyguards were having such a dilemma. Being the center of everyone's attention, he was enjoying his time, and gazing at the goods through the shop windows casually. At this moment, he felt joyful and care-free. He was no longer the CEO of FX International Group, nor the dream lover of ladies, the Mr. Mu, but a happy commoner, who was enjoying himself freely.

"Edward, can I ask you a question? What does it mean if the same person pops into your mind from time to time? And what does it mean if you can't help comparing other men to that person? Does it mean that he's special to you? Does it mean he's the right one? I don't even know how to put this..." Leena suddenly asked. Her voice was low and uncertain, little greater than a murmur. She sounded like she were questioning herself rather than asking for Edward's opinion.

"I think so. Are you talking about Kevin? Are you in love with him?" When he heard her question, Edward paused for a while, and asked. The one who fell in love first was often the one who suffered greatly, whose heart was hurt. Love was painful sometimes. He didn't want to see the lovely Leena struggle in pain. Moreover, it reminded him of Daisy. He had wronged her for so long a time...

"No, just asking. I'm not into him yet. Speaking of which, Edward, why have you never asked me how I met Kevin?" Leena turned her head to Edward, and flash

get caught in the middle of what's between Kevin and Daisy. However, there is no hiding the truth, and you figured it out much earlier than I expected you to. Okay then. If you didn't figure it out, when your feelings for him get deeper, you'd be hurt even more. But now you've known, and that's a good thing. You should get prepared for whatever is going to happen next."

That said, Edward patted Leena on her shoulder. Leena was more sensible than she looked. She tended to observe the subtle changes that other people would overlook, but it was also easier to hurt such a sensitive heart.

"That's such a relief. It would be a disaster if all our friends thought that he was hot for your wife. By the way, does Kevin know that you know?" Asked Leena. She cared so much for Kevin, and didn't want him to feel guilty or resentful, for whatever reason.

"You tell me." Edward didn't give a direct answer. He intended to help her forget about Kevin, and had teased her more often than before. Knowing what was bothering her now, he just hoped that she wouldn't get too carried away. Since she had started to fall for Kevin, it would be highly likely for her to fall in love with him. Though he was once a romantic rival, Edward couldn't deny that Kevin was a charming man.

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