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   Chapter 504 Are You In Love With Him (Part One)

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"See? I knew it! I know everything you have done serves a purpose. You've been using me in your own plans, even when you were driving Daisy away from the Ouyang Family, you used me to achieve your goal. No wonder Brian has been hostile to you the whole time. He must have learned about your malicious nature!"

Said Mary with hatred, every word cold as ice. She hated it when Brian ignored her. If it weren't for Yakira, Brian would treat her as good as he did to Daisy. But now he was indifferent to Mary, but behaved lovingly to Daisy. The difference between them drove her crazy.

"How dare you! How can you talk to your own mother like this? Where are your manners?" Yakira was both ashamed and angered. She raised her hand and yelled at Mary, threatening to slap her again. Brian's indifference had wounded her deeply, thus she couldn't bear to hear Mary to mention that again. Why would a son treat his own mother as aloof as a stranger? And why would a daughter yell at her mother in disgust?

"What? Do you want to hit me again? Do it then! But don't you mention manners to me again, because you have none! If you knew what decency was, you wouldn't be Leo Ouyang's wife. And the CEO of Ouyang Foreign Trade's wife would be someone else."

Eyes wide open, Mary glowered back at her mother. They glared at each other with hatred, as if their opponent was their mortal enemy. Mary always hated her mother for the original family she was born to, and even more for making her a stepdaughter of a successful entrepreneur. For that, the young ladies of wealthy families never thought much of her.

"Alright! Whatever! You're too young and stupid to know what is right and what is wrong. And you are too self-centered to heed my advice. Whatever I say or do, you would think it is an excuse. But just wait and see! One day, you'll understand everything I've done is for your own good."

That said, without looking at Mary, Yakira got in the car and drove away. Her da

to get robbed, " he said. Edward sensed that there was something wrong with her. Or else, she could never be so depressed.

"But you are never interested in going shopping with women, Edward. What's gotten into you? Normally, when the subject is brought up, I invite you all the time, and you just say no, " said Leena with a smirk. She was happy to be hanging out with Edward. But she looked up to the sky and paused for a while, as if she was considering whether she liked the idea or not.

"I am not keen on shopping. But since I'm married to Daisy, I am used to it." Edward smiled fondly, as the topic reminded him of Daisy. Then he reached out and removed the necklace from Leena's neck. He missed the happy hours when Daisy and he were wandering on the snack street and eating, even if a lot of it was foreign to him. And he was lost in his thoughts as he was thinking of the three of them living happily together.

"That's right. The conqueror is now conquered. Let's go and have fun then. To me, having a handsome guy as company is fun enough, however much fun we're going to have, " Leena giggled. She shouldn't refuse him again. Thus she delightfully accepted his offer.

"Mr. Mu, would you like me to drive you home?" asked Luke curiously, as he saw that Leena and Edward weren't walking back to the car.

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