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   Chapter 503 Making a Fool of Yourself (Part Two)

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"No, I don't know any Du." Had Paul returned to the country? Why was she completely unaware? Oh, god! How could he sell the necklace to Edward? What a devil! Did Daisy remember it? If she recognized it, she might look into it. That would cause a lot of trouble! Yakira hated Paul for not keeping his promise. He had promised her that he would never return to the country. But why did he break his word? Wasn't he afraid that people would find out what he had done to Daisy's mother?

"Oh, you don't know him! I thought you knew each other from your reaction just now." Edward didn't expose her lie. He had decided to wait for her in the restaurant today only to see her reaction. He hadn't expected her to admit it so easily. He'd gotten what he wanted and didn't waste any more of his time.

"Are you making fun of me? How could I know some middle-aged Du? Excuse me, but we won't be able to stay any longer. Mary, let's go!"

Yarika stood up as soon as she finished talking. She had to confirm one thing as soon as possible. Did Paul Du come back? Or was the man Edward talked about another person who happened to have the same necklace? But this kind of coincidence was a million to one! Yakira got increasingly anxious at the thought.

"But aren't we going to eat something? Why can't we stay a bit longer? We don't have anything to do now." Mary frowned. She didn't want to leave with Yakira at all. She stubbornly kept looking at Edward with her eager eyes. She didn't have many opportunities to see him. Now that she finally bumped into him here, she didn't want to leave at all.

"Just do as I say and leave with me! Don't stay here anymore. You won't die without this meal." Yakira felt helpless with her daughter's ob

anxious because of Edward's words a few moments earlier, she wouldn't have hit Mary.

"Don't make up some acceptable excuse for your selfishness. That's the way you want to live. I'm only following your lead. After all, like mother, like daughter. If you didn't divorce my father and insist on marrying Leo Ouyang, I wouldn't be a stepdaughter! And I wouldn't turn out to become such a selfish person either! Besides, Edward is not dismissive towards me. He has the same attitude towards all women."

Mary got slapped in the face. She had already been feeling inferior because of her miserable experience and now, her mother was rubbing salt on her wounds. Because of this, her tone got more and more agitated. She shouted so loudly that every passer-by looked at her with an odd expression on their face. But she didn't care about them. She also ignored how her words might hurt Yakira badly.

"Then are you saying that I did a bad thing to you? Do you think that I wanted to take you with me to the Ouyang family?" Yakira's lips couldn't help trembling. She didn't mean what she said, but she got so angry at Mary that she spoke without thinking.

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