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   Chapter 502 Making a Fool of Yourself (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6234

Updated: 2018-11-18 02:28

Leena burst into a fit of coughs. She couldn't help choking when she heard Mary's tone as she talked to Edward. She kept coughing and felt rather uncomfortable. She swore not to eat anything until Mary and Yarika left, including her favorite dessert that she had started enjoying just now.

"Are you okay, Leena? Even if you lose your appetite from someone's way of speaking, you still need to make sure you don't hurt yourself." Edward was also extremely shocked by Mary's words and tone. But he kept his expression calm and didn't show any emotion on his face.

"I was just caught off guard. I promise I'll pay attention and not be so careless next time." As a matter of fact, Leena knew Yakira Mo. But she didn't know that she was Daisy's stepmother. As for Mary, she didn't know her at all.

"Edward, who is she? Are you not going to introduce us?" Mary glared at Leena coldly. She was resentful that Edward and Leena were so close. But when she turned to face Edward, she revealed a sweet and gentle smile. Despite how much his words hurt her, she just couldn't help being attracted to him. She chose to ignore his taunt about her and smiled brightly.

"Oh, yes! Mr. Mu, who is this pretty and elegant girl?" Yakira was a well-informed and shrewd woman. She wasn't as shallow as her young daughter who mistakenly thought that Leena was a girl of humble birth. Yakira immediately realized that Leena was born and raised in a prominent family at the first sight of her. Moreover, she confirmed that Leena wasn't a sophisticated girl for her innocent personality. Yarika could tell clearly that Leena was well-protected by her family for her to keep up her innocent act.

"Mom, are you trying to embarrass Edward? This woman isn't pretty or elegant at all. Who knows where this bumpkin came from? She looks really tacky."

Mary pursed her lips for an insta

ddle-aged man whose last name was Du. He said he just returned to the country and was in need of money, so he decided to sell his heirloom. I bought it from him when I met him. I also heard that it used to belong to some imperial concubine from the Qing dynasty, but I'm not sure if that's true or not."

Edward observed Yakira's reaction as he spoke. He bet that she had given the necklace to Paul Du. Otherwise, she wouldn't have turned white as soon as she saw it. The purpose of having Leena wear the necklace was to try and sound out Yakira with it. But after seeing her noticeable reaction, he decided to change his original plan and strike from the sidelines.

"Who? A middle-aged man called Du?" Yakira immediately grew anxious. But sensing her improper reaction, she forced herself to calm down and pretended to cough. She looked away to avoid Edward's scrutinizing gaze.

"Yes, a Du. Do you know him, Mrs. Ouyang?" The corners of Edward's mouth turned up slightly. He raised his eyebrows and looked at her intently. He was curious how Yakira would respond. Would she leave anxiously? Or would she stay here and act nonchalant? No matter how she responded, it didn't matter to Edward. He'd already gotten what he came here for.

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