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   Chapter 501 Who Are You Calling Aunt (Part Two)

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"Edward, why does it seem like I'm in the tiger's lair right now? Are you going to sell me here?" Leena wrinkled her nose, looking playful and lovely.

"Yes, I had this idea earlier. Since you bring it up, I'll reconsider it now. I wonder if someone will offer a good price. I don't want to make a loss in doing business." Edward lifted the fragrant tea that the waiter had just served and took a sip, looking contemplative.

"Never mind, forget it. I'm not angry. I really don't care about it. I'll go along with it as if I'm doing it for charity. I won't die for the sake of entertaining someone else anyway." Leena fiercely ate the snacks in front of her and bit them hard. She looked as if she were biting Edward's head instead of the snacks.

Edward smiled gracefully at Leena's actions. There was deep fondness on his face. He occasionally glanced at the direction of the entrance with a carefree look on his face.

Time passed by as they teased each other and enjoyed their delicious meal. They didn't look like they were waiting for someone. Instead, their intimate behavior made them look more like a couple in love. They caught the woman's attention as soon as she entered. Her eyes brightened at the sight. Then she grinned wickedly.

"Oh! Isn't it Mr. Mu? Wow! You have a different woman with you today. It wasn't long ago that you showed your love for Daisy in public. Things change so quickly. The true nature of men never changes." Yakira smirked. But as soon as she noticed the necklace, her smile froze and her face became pale.

"Edward, it's you! What a coincidence to see you here! Where have you been lately? I haven't seen you around. I missed you so much!" Mary greeted with a flushed face. She didn't expect to see Edward here. The pleasant surprise excited her a lot. As soon as Mary finished talking, Leena couldn't hold back the urge to laugh and spit out the water she just drank.

"Oh! Please excuse my rudeness. You may continue." Leena's beaut

lied that Mary was old.

"Um... Sorry. Edward, did I say something wrong?" Leena stuck out her tongue and acted like an innocent child who made a mistake. In truth, she was very proud of herself. Mary dared to say that Leena's temperament was not fit for the necklace and even went as far as to say that Leena failed to show off the luxurious and dignified property of the jewelry. Although she found it to be true, it was really humiliating for her to have Mary say it in front of her face. According to Leena's personality, she would seize every chance to avenge herself. An eye for eye, a tooth for tooth. If she didn't upset Mary enough to make her explode today, she would be ashamed of herself.

"For this question, it's better to confirm with Miss Ouyang herself. I'm not sure of her age. I don't know if it's more appropriate to call her big sister, or aunt." Edward smiled lightly. He knew it was impossible for Leena not to say anything. He decided to let nature take its course. There was nothing wrong with it. The process wasn't important, he only needed to reach his goal.

"Edward. That's not fair. Why are you also mocking me?" Mary acted coquettishly, looking at Edward's handsome face obsessively. Her obsession with Edward grew every time she saw him. She was even more determined to win him over.

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