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   Chapter 500 Who Are You Calling Aunt (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6797

Updated: 2018-11-18 00:34

"Leena, don't forget who is running the business. Unless I intend to do so, do you think it's possible that I would let these negative reports appear on the newspaper? Don't underestimated me."

Edward smiled conceitedly. Did Leena really think that these ugly news were dug out by the paparazzi? Without his permission, they wouldn't have had the nerve to report any of these at all.

"Yes, it seems so. Whoever upsets the FX International Group would pay for it with their life and career. No wonder Rain always claims that you're a vicious, greedy, and ruthless capitalist who always enslaves workers and watches them work themselves to the bone."

Leena narrowed her eyes and pretended to look at him with disgust, as if Edward really worked his employees to death.

"Leena, are you praising me? Or blaming me? Why do you sound so strange? Or do you really believe what Rain said about me? You know how Rain is, he likes to exaggerate things." Edward laid back against his seat like a lazy lion about to go out to hunt for prey. There was a gentle smile on his handsome face, resembling warm and hazy morning sunshine.

"Of course I'm praising you. But whom are we meeting with?" Leena was very clever, she quickly realized Edward's true intentions for inviting her out. If it hadn't been to ask her to meet with someone, he wouldn't have demanded her to dress like this for a simple meeting. Moreover, he put the antique necklace around her neck.

"You'll find out when we arrive. Don't ask any questions when we get there and don't talk too much. Just follow my lead and do as I say." Edward was a fascinating man. Every movement he made looked graceful and dignified. Even when he reached out his hand to pinch Leena's cheeks, the charming smile he showed could take anyone's breath away.

"Why are you treating me like a fool?" Leena gently waved his hand away. The more he spoke, the more she felt like she would need to act dumb later. She wasn't allowed to ask or say anything. Was she a fool in everyone else's e

n take it easy and discuss this question." Edward led her to the table situated in the middle of the hall and near the entrance. Then he sat down with Leena on the same side, facing the entrance. The position put them in a good view for the public. Whenever customers entered, they would easily notice them.

"Edward, do you think you're not striking enough? Why do you want us to sit here?" Leena drew back her neck. She regretted giving the coat back to Edward, because the glowing eyes boring into her from the crowd almost melted her. Their attention was focused on the sensitive spot under her neck. Although she wasn't that curvaceous and her breasts and hips weren't that sexy, she was a graceful lady with a slim and tall figure. They all gazed at general direction of her breasts. Even though Leena knew that they were intrigued with the necklace, she wasn't used to being under the spotlight like this.

"This is exactly the effect I want. Just wait patiently. We'll watch a good show later. But before that, let's eat something. I'm afraid we won't feel like eating once the drama begins." Edward grinned playfully at her. On a regular occasion, he would have gone to a private box, instead of sitting out here and being watched like monkeys. But because they came here with a special purpose this time, he needed to keep a high profile.

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