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   Chapter 499 As Bold As Brass

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"It's okay. I will go home to take a shower. What did Mark do? I saw him squirming through the 300-meter barbed wire alone at the training ground."

According to the past experiences, Kevin knew something was up. If Mark was doing the physical training alone, he must have made an unforgivable mistake and so Daisy had to punish him. What mistake did he make this time?

"He deserves it. It's a well-known fact that Hank is an expert in saving face, yet, he offended him. He just asked for trouble." Daisy knew that Mark was quite right and he didn't mean to contradict Hank, but Hank didn't think so.

"It doesn't matter. He has been idle for a long time. He needs some exercise lest his skills may not be as good as before. What's his punishment this time?"

Kevin was curious about what Mark's punishment was this time. Daisy always punished him in different ways, so Kevin was prying to know more about it.

"A full set of daily physical training. Am I being too cruel?" Daisy pushed the door open and walked in. Kevin followed her behind. She hadn't given the answer he wanted.

"Wow, it's a really strict punishment. After he finishes, he will be tired out." Kevin leisurely sat down on the couch as if it was his office.

"If I didn't punish him, do you think Hank would let him go? I will make some tea for you." Daisy turned to look back with a frown.

"Don't bother. I will leave now. I bet you have a lot of work to do. I won't bother you. By the way, has Mr. Mu recovered?" Kevin gave a soft smile. He sat cross-legged casually and cozily.

"Yes, he has recovered very well. He was discharged yesterday afternoon. Thank you for your concern." Daisy gave Kevin a cup of warm water with a bright smile. She felt warm at the mention of Edward.

"Glad to hear that he was discharged from the hospital so soon. He must have strong resistance to illness." Kevin took a sip of water. He detested his feelings in the face of Daisy's winsome manner at the beginning, but now he had become accustomed to it.

"Indeed. It was a bit beyond my expectations." Daisy was also confused about this. Ordinarily, any patient who had undergone the thoracotomy procedure couldn't be discharged so quickly, but Edward left the hospital as approved by Tom. Daisy didn't ask any questions. Going to the hospital every day had wearied her.

"Anyway, it's a piece of good news. I will go home. Carry on with your work." Kevin placed the cup on the tea table and stood up.

"Okay. Take a break before you resume work. Or you may run off your legs." After Edward got injured, Daisy began to feel worried about the people around her.

"Okay. Don't worry." Kevin walked away with a contented smile. He knew he couldn't fall in love with Daisy, but he enjoyed her occasional care. He didn't have any extreme demands. He cherished these small opportunities to get along with her.

Daisy bit her lip. Aft

Qing Dynasty?'

"It is hard to say. I have to protect myself from something unfavorable. If that happens, I will have no choice but to make you the scapegoat. Anyway, Daisy won't do anything to you, but if anything goes wrong. she'll be harsh on me."

Edward was as rude as ever. He went so far as to make these thoughtless remarks. If Hank was shameless, then Edward was as bold as brass.

"Please take off the necklace. I don't want her to hunt me down with a gun. I will be exhausted. Moreover, I am not planning to go abroad any time soon. Please raise your hand high in mercy. Don't involve me."

Leena was scared. She wanted to take off the necklace. She assumed that Edward gave this necklace to her for a specific purpose. But she shook in her shoes when she thought that she'd have to run for her life and live a wandering life if she lost the necklace. Before Edward dragged her into the mire, she had to save her life.

"Leena, I know you are an outstanding fashion designer. Surprisingly, you are also talented in acting. How about joining the entertainment circle? The entertainment company under the FX International Group grows regularly. You can receive some training. I promise that I will make you famous."

Edward chuckled and grabbed Leena's hand. If Leena quit, he wouldn't be able to continue his plan.

"Edward, don't make fun of me. The entertainment circle is dirty. Do you want to see me in the headline news in the coming days? It may say, Leena is taken out by someone born with a silver spoon in his mouth, or Leena's nude photos are made public. Let's leave these things aside. Do you think Duke will let you off?"

With a naughty grimace, Leena politely declined Edward's request. She enjoyed her life now and didn't want to go to the bad. Moreover, she had more than enough money, so she didn't need to go that far. She was only posing, and she didn't really want to take off the necklace.

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