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   Chapter 498 Be Relegated to A Lieutenant

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"Huh. Everyone knows how to make excuses. If you could get promoted on your own, why would Edward woo the military chiefs? It must have been for the upcoming appraisal cycle. Rumor has it that Colonel Ouyang stands a big chance of getting a promotion. But the problem is what you have traded for this promotion."

Hank questioned and started laughing loudly. He stared at Daisy with contempt as if Daisy had pulled some strings to get promoted this time. He believed there was an ulterior motive behind inviting the military chiefs to FX International Group's anniversary party. Hank believed it was planned to gain the army leaders' favor.

"You seem to be obsessed with my business. You must know a lot about me. There is no need for you to ask me any more."

Daisy sneered and turned around. It seemed that she wouldn't be able to persuade certain people that she got promoted simply because of her outstanding performance. So far as Hank was concerned, Daisy had climbed up the military ladder only because of her connections. No matter how much she explained, Hank just insisted on his own view. Then Daisy decided not to waste any more time in giving explanations to him.

"It's not just me. All the military officers in the army base are of the same opinion. It's quite unlikely to have a young woman like you in such a high rank. I am sure there have been plenty of dirty deals behind the curtain." Hank didn't let go of Daisy, he followed her closely and continued his insults.

"If they have a problem with my promotion, they should report to the superiors, instead of sending you as their representative to bother me. I don't call the shots. As for the so-called dirty deals, you speculate that because I am a woman. In your mind, women cannot have any achievements without an inappropriate relationship? You sound quite sexist."

Daisy hated such office politics. She hadn't done anything yet. Still, she was being dragged into all these disputes. 'Am I really that invidious in their view? Or they just regard me as a pushover who can be bullied by anyone? They couldn't possibly get through a day without defaming me?' Daisy condemned deep down.

"Indeed. Mr. Hank, why do you always bother our colonel? If you feel anything unreasonable is going on, you should discuss it with the commanders. Our colonel doesn't have a say in the promotions."

Mark retorted. He was sick of Hank's persistent provocations. If it hadn't been for Daisy's kindness, she or any other officer in her position would have already beaten up Hank or even kicked him out of the army. An officer in Hank's rank wasn't supposed to defy officers of higher rank.

"Who are you to interrupt our conversation? You are merely a sergeant. Colonel Ouyang, you seem to be too tolerant of your subordinate." Hank said while casting a cold glare at Mark. He couldn't take it out on Daisy because she was in a higher rank. But he couldn't allow a sergeant to scold him.

"Mark, go finish a complete set of basic military exercise

especially at this moment.

"Of course it's my business. As your superior, I'm supposed to help you address your disputes. You don't want to be accused of violating military discipline, huh?" Kevin guessed that their disputes stemmed from the arbitration concerning Hank. The army work was quite efficient.

"No, I wouldn't want to be accused of that." Hank didn't dare to mess with Kevin. After all, he intended to spend the rest of his life in the military and Kevin was in a much higher rank than him.

"Then you should leave and get back to your work. Tick tock..." Kevin seldom put on airs as a senior officer. But he disliked Hank too much to be enough polite to him.

"I..." Hank would have continued but stopped when he saw Kevin's cold look. After all, Kevin was much more difficult to deal with. Daisy might look aloof, but she was a woman, thus no matter how cold she seemed, she would never be so brittle. But Kevin was different. He might be easy to get along, but if you messed with him, you would face dire consequences.

"Thank you for saving me from the trouble. Did you just come back from the grassroots? You must have started off last night since you arrived at this time." Daisy asked after Hank was out of her sight.

"Yes. I came back as soon as I finished the inspection. Recently the army base may not be too amicable for you. Watch out for any possible traps set by others, especially the devious ones like Hank." Kevin said. He knew Daisy's bark was worse than her bite. She might act aloof and cold, but deep down she was kind and sweet. Or she wouldn't possibly put up with Hank's provocation again and again.

"I will. Every year before the commendatory ceremony, there are some unavoidable 'incidents'. I survive them every year. Don't worry about me. You seem quite tired. Maybe you should go home first and get some rest."

Daisy didn't ignore Kevin just because he had feelings for her. She believed in Kevin's integrity; she didn't think Kevin would go overboard.

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