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   Chapter 497 The Devil Rebuking Sin

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8987

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Edward opened his eyes the moment Daisy turned around, but kept quiet, only caressing the place where she kissed. A sweet smile crept over his face. The truth was that without her around, he couldn't sleep well, however tired he might be. He just pretended to be asleep when he heard the sound of the door opening. He didn't want Daisy to know that he stayed up to wait for her in case she forgot he was around. It would make the surprise that much sweeter.

Daisy, on the other hand, had no idea Edward had these thoughts. After showering, she got into bed and cuddled into his arms as usual. It had been a long time since she could enjoy his hugs so freely. After all, before Edward recovered, she was worried about either his wounds or being seen by medical staff in the hospital. But tonight she could savor his embrace without any concerns.

She moved her hand and stroked his handsome face. At last she began smoothing his knitted brows. Her movement was so gentle and affectionate. She wondered why Edward had so much to worry about. Did his worry come from her?

Honestly, even today when they loved each other so much, she still felt him hard to see through. He was like an inviting enigma -- making her constantly ponder all the possible ways to walk into his world, not the real life world of course, but his world of thoughts, or even his soul. She wanted to know him, his head, his heart, all of him.

But that was a pure wish, a remote dream. But surely she was happy enough now as Edward lay beside her. She could snuggle him into her arms by only reaching out one hand. It was so warm a hug that it always set her heart racing.

But at this sweet moment, Edward turned his back to Daisy, which seemed to be an accidental move. That sent Daisy from the apex of happiness to the valley of distance. Aggrieved, she bit her lip, then turned a cold shoulder to him as well. They remained back to back till the next morning. She could tell now that Edward was mad at her, but judging from what happened last night, there was no way that she would budge. They would just wait and see who lost their cool and made a concession first.

Too sullen to eat any breakfast, Daisy went to the army base early in the morning. Yet there was no peace to be found on base either. When she got out of the hummer, she found herself face to face with Hank, fists up, ready to fight. Daisy prepared as well as she could, but Hank still landed a blow on her. The fit of pain made her frown.

"Hank, are you serious? You want to fight me?" Daisy scolded and dodged, her eyes cold. She was just upset and mad about Edward ignoring her last night. She would love to take it out on someone. But

get the justice. How did Hank, the one who plotted this, even have the right to stand there arguing with her? He was so shameless.

"You already turned in the video then? And you acted as if you knew nothing and questioned me. You are indeed calculating."

That was classic Hank -- awfully arrogant and selfish. He picked on others but never admitted his own mistakes. He acted as if all the bad things happened to him were engineered by others, but thought it was okay to gain benefits by hurting others.

"Suit yourself. I don't care what you think. I will not deny what I do, but equally I will not be accused for things I didn't do. Yes, the source of the video has something to do with me. But I'm not involved in this. So if you want to find out who sent it, go to the FX International Group. I'm sure they'll give you a satisfactory answer, "

Daisy sneered. She knew that Hank wouldn't dare seek justice from Edward. it would only make Edward angrier, and demotion would feel like light punishment compared to what Edward would do.

"Colonel Ouyang, you are just throwing your weight around now. You are so proud to be the wife of the president of the FX International Group." Hank would be Hank. He could talk black into white. He was really good at distorting what anyone meant.

"I don't think there is anything to show off as the president's wife. The only thing that makes me proud is the military uniform on me. sounds like something else makes you proud. Mind telling us what?"

Daisy slightly shut her eyes in displeasure. After all, it was not so cheerful to stand here and argue with him early in the morning. Consequently her tone grew frigid and more aggressive. Her look was all chilly and impatient. Hank had better choose his next words carefully.

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