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   Chapter 496 Do You Regret It (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6327

Updated: 2018-11-17 00:36

"You see? Then why did you get angry with her? When a man acts childish, and makes mountains out of molehills, he's more difficult to be understood than a woman! This much is true!" Leena shook her head. She could not comprehend this line of thinking. Meanwhile, she got more curious about Kevin. He looked mature and serious. Would he sometimes also act childishly like her brother did? She paused for an instant; she thought of him again! Why did he come into her mind? People always say that the more difficult it was to reach something or someone, the more interested one would become. Was it true?

"My dear girl, when did you see me get angry with her? I just don't stay around her. Is that a mistake too?" Just then Duke started to walk towards the building. Leena had no alternative but to follow him inside. But a man always walked more quickly than a woman. So Leena was left behind a little. She didn't catch up with him until when the elevator reached the first floor.

"The fact is that this is *not* normal. You're acting strangely, and now she's back there, confused and hurt! Is that what you want? You're not afraid that Belinda might think badly of you because of it?" Leena ran and caught up with him. She leaned herself on Duke, panting slightly. She felt her heart beat violently and attributed this phenomenon to the lack of exercise. She thought to herself; maybe from next week, she should go hiking, or do some sports in the gym. Or else, she might get fatigued easily!

"What? Are you tired already? You haven't got any exercise recently, have you?" Duke reached out to soften her breath. Leena had a weak constitution. She used to be weak and sick when she was a baby. He knew about her condition, so he had spent years training her in proper fitness and nutrition to strengthen her. And as expected, Leena was much healthier than before. He didn't want her to hurt

she didn't want to answer his phone.

Duke Leng grew chagrined. He threw the phone in the passenger seat as soon as he entered the car. He started the engine and drove towards Leng House. He started thinking about this. If she wasn't answering her phone, then she'd probably refuse to talk to him, even if he showed up wanting to talk face to face. So it would be a good idea to calm down, and let her do the same. Maybe they'd be calm enough to deal with things if they slept on it.

However, Daisy was a master strategist -- the kind who would figure everything out as soon as disagreements cropped up. So she immediately went back to the bedroom once she finished her work. She sighed, looking at the sleeping man. He really seemed to be angry with her, so he hadn't waited for her to come to bed like in the past.

Daisy walked carefully towards him to avoid making any noise and left a gentle kiss on his forehead. Then she turned around and walked to the bathroom. She had different living habits than Edward. She didn't like to take a shower as soon as she got home. Usually, she would take a warm shower after she finished her work before she went to sleep. That way, she could relax and feel completely relieved after a busy day to sleep soundly.

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