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   Chapter 495 Do You Regret It (Part One)

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"Do you regret it?" Duke turned around and shot a concerned look at her. He was worried about her. She was his only sister and he devoted himself to love and care for her. Though she had married and became the wife of another man, she was still the little sister needing his protection in his eyes. She would remain one of the most precious people in his heart.

"No. Why should I regret it?" Leena raised her eyebrows and smiled brightly. She looked so adorable with her sweet smile. But she could not help questioning herself in her heart; Really? She didn't regret it? But why did she feel a pang of sorrow and sadness in her heart when she felt that Kevin thought nothing of her at all?

"I'm glad you don't regret it. It's your choice. So I hope you'll be responsible for it and don't give up halfway through. It shouldn't be easy to end a marriage." Duke disliked Kevin and still resented him, but he still hoped his younger sister could live a happy life with him. After all, they were wife and husband. So no matter what happened, he didn't want to see them end up in tragedy.

"Don't worry, brother! I'm a grownup now. I know what I'm doing." Leena certainly knew what he meant. She understood how he cared for her. He was her brother and she was his beloved one. So she always kept his words and suggestions in her mind.

"Well, perhaps you'll need a nanny? Or a part-time maid or someone? In that case, you'll have more time to concentrate on your fashion design and we won't feel so worried about you." Duke couldn't help shivering in his heart at the thought of Leena's scalded hand last time. He didn't want that kind of thing to happen again. It would definitely be a great challenge to him because the last thing he wanted was to see Leena get hurt. He hated it when he had to endure the possibility that Leena might hurt herself. He didn't want to have another terrible experience.

"Oh, thanks, but I'm fine and I don't need any nanny or

st, not really a 9 to 5 girl."

Leena was trying to find a way to wriggle out of that kind of responsibility. If she had been really interested in managing a company, she wouldn't have chosen fashion design as her major. So she shook her head immediately to refuse the offer from Duke.

"Well, good. Then don't be a stranger to me later. Let's go! I'll walk you upstairs." Before finishing his words, Duke opened the door and got out without waiting for Leena to respond. He stood by the door, waiting for Leena to get out.

"Brother, I can go upstairs on my own. You'd better go and talk to Belinda! We were just chatting. No one's getting divorced. Don't listen to Rain." Leena was concerned about Belinda. As a wife, her husband left her and went away with another woman. Although the woman was his sister, she must feel a bit unhappy in her heart!

"I see." Duke laughed at himself. He knew he should go and care for Belinda. But he chose not to talk to her deliberately. Recently, he felt frustrated, and he had never felt that way before. He couldn't figure out why Belinda was getting so confrontational these days. He felt she was so near to him, yet so far too. He disliked this kind of feeling, as it made him feel terrible, as if there was a cat scratching his heart with its septic claws.

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