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   Chapter 494 Insurmountable Barrier

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 10136

Updated: 2018-11-17 00:34

"Shit! Jerry, what the hell is this? You look all upset like someone's been up your butt!"

This was exactly like Rain, always restless. Before one thing ended, he was already ready to stir up some new trouble. He was indeed a troublemaker!

"Up my butt? Wish fulfillment? You look so much like a permanent bottom that it gives me chills." Raising his eyebrows, Tom looked at Rain in disgust.

"Damn, Jerry. Are you jealous that I look better than you? Is that why you're trying to ruin my reputation?" Rain was simply pulling Tom's leg, because he realized the boss already turned his fatal gaze to Daisy. So Rain had to get himself out of this mess, and the most effective way was to try to change the topic. Otherwise he'd meet a terrible fate.

"Narcissist. You're not good-looking, just girly." Aaron looked very much lost in thought and bored as he teased him. Although he didn't really consider Rain effeminate, but Rain did have an enchanting charm that was even more seductive than a woman's. Aaron felt justified in calling Rain girly. Besides, Rain had put a lot of work onto Aaron's shoulders these past few days. So Aaron wanted to get back at him to let out of some of that bottled up anger.

"Aaron baby, are you sure you want to be a part of this?" Instead of getting fired up, Rain laughed. Since Aaron threw a barb at him, Rain decided to give him a nice whirl.

"Forget it. I was just venting, so please ignore me. You guys continue, and I'll just watch. And stop calling me baby. It makes my skin crawl." Aaron had no intention in being caught in their meaningless "fight." At this crucial point, he only wanted to protect his own skin. Although Rain couldn't really affect his daily life, it would be a different story at his job, since his position was one level lower than Rain's.

"Coward, I'd accept his challenge." Anna looked contemptuous. Rain had given her quite a hard time when her actual boss was in hospital. She was exhausted by the overtimes, so she had a lot against Rain. Edward was extremely efficient whereas Rain always drove her like a slave. How could such different people hold the reins of power here?

"Anna, if that's the case, then you go, girl! I'm out of this." Aaron would be insane to cross the newly ascendant and insidious acting president. Or by tomorrow, the unbearable workload would crush him, and even breathing would be a luxury.

"A lady won't fight a man. I'm not interested in this childish scuffle between you men." Anna smiled coldly. Every man seated here ranked higher in the company than she was, so targeting any one of them would end up badly for her. Why would she recklessly cause herself trouble?

"A gentleman doesn't fight a woman is the expression. Please, Anna, don't take liberties with ancient proverbs." The argument seemed to shift from between Aaron and Rain to between Aaron and Anna. What an intriguing sight!

"They mean basically the same thing, don't they? What's there to argue about?" Anna frowned and peeked at him from the corner

prehend why he blew his top this time. She already told him that the gossip was only a topic for chit-chat, but he also took things seriously. And his already unwelcoming face became even colder and unforgiving. Without even coming close to him, one could already feel that sense of severity.

"Brother, are you sure it's a good thing to leave my sister-in-law like that?" Leena was actually concerned for her own health, too. When Duke grabbed her keys and got in the driver's seat, she didn't dare to say anything in protest, and just followed him in the car. Now that Duke's face appeared less austere, Leena quietly asked the question. In the meantime, she was cursing Rain as much as she could in her mind. He had created such a mess that not only Mr. Cold but also Edward would be unapproachable for the rest of the night. Duke terrified Leena so much that she didn't even attempt any sudden movement in fear that he would take it out on her. If that happened, Leena thought, she would have no one to turn to.

"It doesn't matter if it was a good thing. How have you been? And tell me about Kevin." Duke tightened his lips. Although he said he wouldn't care, he still checked the rear view mirror occasionally to see how Belinda acted. Seeing that she froze at where he left her, his eyebrows furrowed automatically. He closed his eyes for a moment and kept the thought of her out of his mind. He then stepped on the throttle and quickly sped away from Belinda.

"I'm fine! Kevin is doing some field work. He'll probably be back tomorrow." Leena avoided eye contact. She didn't want Duke to see her sorrow. She felt like there was an insurmountable barrier between her and Kevin. She wouldn't cross over and neither would he. Both were just staring each other across the barrier, as if waiting to see who would be the one to volunteer his or her body and soul. And because of Kevin's feelings for Daisy, no matter how their relationship turned out, Leena knew that she would be the person who got hurt the most.

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