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   Chapter 493 Who Wants a Divorce

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To celebrate Edward's return to home, Cynthia threw him an impromptu party. Only a few close friends, as well as Anna and Aaron, were invited. As soon as the evening fell, the Mu's villa was bustling with noise and excitement.

"Belinda, why is your wedding put off?" Daisy asked softly when Belinda was alone. She somehow sensed that it had something to do with Rachel.

"It's nothing. I have started feeling that we know very little about each other. So I thought it would be wise if we took some time to get to know each other before getting married." Belinda was optimistic. She smiled even when she was talking about such an unfortunate event.

"Come on! I know you. It's about Rachel, isn't it? You're upset that she is back, which means you really care about Duke." Daisy sounded positive. She thought if Belinda hadn't liked Duke, she wouldn't have postponed her wedding just because Rachel suddenly showed up.

"Daisy, have you lost your mind? Why would I care about him? We're together only because Leena set us up. We don't love each other."

Even though Daisy was right, Belinda was too proud to admit her feelings for Duke, which kept growing as the days went by.

"Belinda, did I do it wrong? Is that why you are angry?" A voice asked timidly. It was Leena, who was looking at Belinda while biting her lip and tilting her head. The joy on her face was replaced by gloom.

"Um... Leena, when did you get here? Did you come here alone?" Belinda didn't answer her question. She looked around, but Kevin wasn't there. She frowned and wondered how angry Duke would get if he saw this. It appeared she had already begun to worry about the people Duke cared about no matter how hard she was trying to conceal her feelings for him.

"Yes, I came alone. You haven't answered my question yet." After months of married life with Kevin, Leena gradually realized the importance of love in a marriage. She understood why Belinda was complaining. She felt sorry about what she had done.

"It's too late to talk about right or wrong, isn't it? So don't think about it. If I didn't want to marry your brother, I wouldn't compromise. You know that. If anybody is wrong, it's me. But since I've made my choice, I won't regret it."

Belinda was the kind of person who went through her decisions. Now that she had decided to marry Duke, she considered him hers and wouldn't let him marry someone else, no matter how mad she was at him.

"You are right. We share the same personality in this regard. We stick to our choices. So don't worry about it, Leena. Your brother and Belinda's relationship might be full of twists and turns, but the outcome will be perfect."

Daisy stood up and pulled Leena over so that she could sit beside her. She affectionately stroked her hair which was messed up by the wind probably because the roof of the sports car had been lifted.

"Who shares the same personalit

you any good. Haven't you learned your lesson yet?" Cynthia sighed resignedly. She wanted to help Rain but she couldn't because Edward wouldn't listen to her. Rain had come to the wrong place. The safest strategy was to stay with Daisy. Since she was the one who mentioned thinking about divorce in front of him, she must have a way to deal with Edward. Otherwise, she wouldn't have attempted to echo Rain's remarks.

"But auntie Cynthia, those women started the topic. I just picked up the thread of the conversation. Why is he only staring at me, but not them? It's unfair." Rain said to Cynthia dismally. He timidly used his hands as a shield against Edward's icy stare.

Daisy sipped a mouthful of tea from the cup in her hand. She casually glanced at Edward. She was enjoying seeing Edward so angry. She found it amusing to provoke her arrogant husband now and then.

"Maybe you didn't start it, but you aggravated the tension. Of course, you are the one to blame." Tom gracefully swirled the wine glass in his hand. He took a sip occasionally. To him, Rain was a troublemaker. There was actually nothing he could do about it. Perhaps influenced by him, Tom had made a few mistakes in front of Edward recently, which had continuously put him to a disadvantage.

Thinking of the check Edward signed that morning for hospitalization expenses, Tom felt his heart was bleeding. He drowned his cares in wine with knitted brows. Tom not only didn't make money from Edward's hospitalization but also lost a lot of it because of the expensive medicine he had used on him. He felt as if he had been cheated. The fruit of his hard work vanished in a second. With a stroke of Edward's gold pen, everything was finalized. He had been shocked to see it happen. He had known from the beginning that Edward wouldn't willingly accept the rip-off, but he hadn't expected him to rip him off instead. He felt restless in such a pathetic situation.

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