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   Chapter 491 It Feels So Good To Come Back Home (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6319

Updated: 2018-11-17 00:22

When they were busy, people often felt that time flew quickly. And it was true for Edward who was recovering from his injury. So when the phone beside his bed rang, he immediately picked it up and answered without even bothering to check who was calling.

"Hello, who's calling?" This was Edward's unique way of answering the phone. He was not like Daisy who always answered the phone with politeness, nor like any other gentlemen who gracefully introduced themselves as soon as they picked up the phone. His style was influenced by arrogance and flamboyance, yet not going too far to make people feel uncomfortable. Although he was answering the phone, his attention was still focused on the report in his hands.

Daisy frowned when she heard Edward's voice. This was not what she had expected to hear from Edward. Wasn't her number saved in Edward's phone? Why else would he ask who was calling? This was not like Edward's usual style. The only possibility was that he was in the middle of doing something, and he answered the phone without even noticing who was calling on the phone's screen. He was a patient, what would he be so engrossed in? Daisy's mind was filled with numerous questions.

"What are you doing?" Daisy placed the file on the table and laid back in the chair, waiting to hear his reply.

"Work." The reply was simple and to the point. He hadn't shifted his attention from the document to the call.

"Work? What work?" Daisy narrowed her clear and aggressive eyes and wondered, Edward could hardly walk and he dared to tell her that he was working, was he playing with his life?

"Oh! Honey, it's you! No, I didn't mean work. I was just talking with Luke." Edward was shocked by Daisy's anxious voice and came back to the call. He immediately made up for his slip of the tongue.

"Edward, do you think that I could be fooled around so easily? Daisy played wit

erything by himself and hide everything from her while claiming it was for her own benefit. This was unacceptable for her. Because if it really went like that, she would feel that she wasn't equal to Edward and they didn't stand on the same level as he'd be the only one facing all the problems. She would indulge herself in enjoying all his achievements. This was the most humiliating thing for a soldier. She was not inclined to becoming a worthless person. Moreover, she didn't want to be the woman who hid behind his back and squandered all the things he achieved with his selfless efforts for her.

"Honey, you know how it is, right? The most convincing reason you'd like to hear is that I love you. You know that I'm too shy to say it, but you push me to say it. You are awful!" Edward said with a bashful grin and acted sultry as if Daisy was actually standing in front of him.

Hearing Edward's words, Daisy slipped and almost fell down from the chair. He said he was shy, huh, if that was true, then there were no shameless people in the world. He tried to tell such a brazen lie to her; it was insane. Daisy felt that she had underestimated the extent of his shamelessness. where did he get to learn these sissy words? His tone was so effeminate!

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