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   Chapter 490 Rip Off (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5617

Updated: 2018-11-16 03:42

"No? Well, I get it. You can go now." Although Rain feigned ignorance, Edward showed as if he didn't mind it. Edward knew that he would get lots of chances to torture Rain.

"Please sign the papers before I go." Rain was stunned. Edward mentioned nothing about the papers just because of his small slip up. What a narrow-minded man.

"What papers? Sorry, I have no idea." Edward lifted his eyebrows and shook his shoulders as he said this. He looked extremely innocent.

"Boss, please don't pull my leg. I'm really sorry. I beg you to forgive me. Your Majesty, sign the papers, please. I'll take the papers after work." Rain had planned to give his work to Edward, so he couldn't leave before he got what he wanted. Otherwise, his visit would have gone in vain.

"So you are allowed to play tricks, but I am not?" said Edward. Although Edward seemed disinterested, the truth was that he felt bored as he did nothing but lay around in the hospital bed all day. Reading the papers might be a pleasant distraction for him, after all, it would kill time. Wouldn't it? But these were just some thoughts in his mind; he didn't say them out loud in front of Rain. He was afraid that Rain would be eaten up with pride if he realized that what he thought was just what Edward needed at this time.

"It is the case about the Lin Group. Are you sure you want to postpone the paperwork?" Rain could not believe that Edward could stay so calm after hearing his words.

"What? Lin Group, Give it to me at once." Just as expected, Edward got in a frenzy on hearing his words. Anything related to Daisy Ouyang was always his first concern.

"Yes, sir. Here you are. By the way, excep

tter one." Tom was freaked out, but he still pretended to be calm. He began to worry about the few medicines developed by him. The best medicine was the fruit of his painstaking labor. It meant a lot to him. Nobody could rob it from him, not even Edward.

"Don't play innocent. Try your best to cure me with your best medicine and skills, and help me get out of here. Otherwise, I will consider canceling the investment on your test. Which is more important, medicine or test? Have it your way!"

Threatened Edward. He was confident that Tom would give him the best medicine when he controlled the finances of Tom Qin. As a person who was too keen to do tests, Tom Qin could not resist the temptation of a significant investment in his tests.

So finally Tom reluctantly offered his treasured good drugs to Edward and cursed him in his mind, without showing any reluctance on his face. He was compelled to suffer in silence in order to get free investment from Edward. But, he only lost time and energy, and he wouldn't be hurt by anything. He would get more from Edward than what he suffered. Just wait and see.

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