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   Chapter 489 Rip Off (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6018

Updated: 2018-11-16 03:42

"Oh, Luke, are you out of your mind? How dare you act so cool in front of your boss?" Rain smiled playfully while leaning against the door. He had a pile of documents in his hands. Luke wondered why Rain had brought over so many papers here. Jesus, did he think that an ailing patient like Edward could effectively look over this much paperwork?

"You're barking up the wrong tree." Luke rolled his eyes and sulked. He turned his back to Rain and decided against interacting with him. He was always quiet and was unwilling to argue with anyone.

"Oh, Is that so? So do you think Edward was just teasing you?" After putting the papers on the table, Rain kept on ridiculing Luke. He wanted to test Luke's limits to see how far he could push him. For Rain, teasing Luke was one of the biggest joys of his life. Unfortunately, Edward was there, too. In the end, Rain failed to provoke Luke to violent rage, but he unwittingly offended Edward.

"Rain, what the fuck are you doing here during working hours? Go back to the office and get to work right away! Or I won't mind giving you a beating of a lifetime." Edward said menacingly. He stared at Rain with an intimidating gaze. 'Is Rain implying that he is a homosexual who has fallen for Luke? Maybe Rain doesn't have enough work to keep him busy.' Edward started thinking about the tasks that could be assigned to Rain.

"Damn it! Don't nag me. The papers need to be signed by you. If I can't come here, would you come to the office in person? I don't mind carrying you on the stretcher." Rain Xia shook his shoulders as he spoke. The implication was clear, he did this out of kindness. As a matter of fact, Rain hadn't even read these papers. Since Edward signed the papers, there was no need for him to review. He always did it like this.


-hanging shoulder, he still felt as cold as falling into an ice house.

"Did you just compare me to a pig? Uh-huh!" In fact, Edward had declined this damned ward. But Tom had made great efforts to arrange him into it, and he finally had to accept it. But now Rain brought up the subject again. No wonder he was furious with Rain. Besides, Rain compared him to a fat pig. Edward had been away for just a few days, had Rain forgotten who the boss was?

"Err! I never said that." Rain shook his head, trying to recall what he had said moments ago. Suddenly, he stared at Tom with his eyes wide open. Rain was disappointed with his dimwitted words. Tom continued to smile vaguely. 'Am I had by Tom?' he thought quietly.

"Do you remember now?" Said Edward calmly with his eyes fixed on Rain. There was no smile on his face but a cold fury in his heart.

"No!" He wouldn't admit it even if he got killed. Because that would be worse than being killed if he admitted his mistake. He was no fool.

Luke curled his lips mockingly. Rain was an excellent actor. He said it just a few minutes ago, but now he was pretending that he had lost his memory. It wouldn't work with a smart man like Edward.

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