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   Chapter 488 No One to Blame but Himself (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6800

Updated: 2018-11-16 02:32

Daisy must have seen the video by now. Edward wondered how to explain it to her when she came back. He was a little worried that Daisy would be upset with him. After all, she had emphasized yesterday that she didn't like it when he kept things that concerned her from her. But what about now? He had thrown out a grenade. How would she react to it? Edward had his doubts. Moreover, there were more powerful bombs in the future. He felt like he was walking towards his deathbed.

"I didn't show myself. I asked someone to hand it in. But I think they must have figured that we have something to do with the video. Anyone with a brain could easily link it to us. Otherwise, there would be no one smart enough to manage other people's business. Besides, apart from the army and us, no one knows the tip-off about Mrs. Mu."

Luke looked at Edward with a firm gaze. He shared his reasoning and thoughts with Edward. No one in the army was mediocre. They could easily figure things out and find out a reasonable explanation for the whole matter if they put a little thought to it.

"I'm aware of this. Besides, we did it because we want them to know that the video came from us. This way, they will have no excuse to cover someone up." Edward chuckled to himself. He didn't care about their thoughts. All he wanted to know was Daisy's opinion. As for the other things, he didn't want to waste his time pondering about it.

"But Mrs. Mu…" Luke hesitated. He didn't know if Daisy would blame him because he hadn't discussed it with her before making the decision about the video. But it seemed that he didn't need to worry about it. Anyway, Edward would be the first person that Daisy would be upset with. Even if a meteor were to hit earth, Edward would be the first one to hold the responsibility. He had little to do with it.

"It's fine. I'll explain to her. Tell me what you've gotten from Paul. I need to plot carefully as soon as I get discharged. A long delay may cause trouble." Edward didn't like staying in the hospital. He nee

n he heard them.

"Are you saying I'm more devious than her?" Edwards narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at Luke. Oh, good. He was even compared to such a vixen! Was he such a despicable man in his eyes?

"No, sir! Mr. Mu, I didn't mean it like that. You know how bad I am at getting along with women, unlike you. You've always been expert at dealing with them." Luke immediately explained. But he hadn't expected his response to cause even more dissatisfaction.

"Oh, I see your point. So you mean to say that I'm always involved with women, right?" Edward said in a mischievous tone. Why didn't Luke keep his thoughts to himself? It would be a disaster if Daisy heard them. Daisy might think he was flirting around with other women! He couldn't afford living like that anymore.

"I…" Luke immediately regretted his reply as soon as he spoke. He realized that no matter how he explained himself, Edward would find fault in his words. So he decided to keep silent and not say another word. The more he spoke, the more mistakes he might make. He would be safe if he didn't say anything.

"No more excuses? It seems that I read your mind, " Edward quipped. He enjoyed occasionally teasing Luke who always seemed so serious. He considered it a way to relieve his boredom. After all, it was extremely boring to stay in the hospital all day long.

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