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   Chapter 487 No One to Blame but Himself (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7468

Updated: 2018-11-16 01:01

"There's a reason behind his actions. He sponsored the military equipment purchase and invited the military officials to attend the anniversary party. He did these things for me, didn't he?"

Complicated feelings surged in Daisy's heart. She didn't know how to describe how she felt. Edward had done so many things in secret for her. Usually, she would be angry that he had kept everything from her. But at this moment, she wasn't upset at all. Instead, she felt warm-hearted. Was this how it felt to be doted on by Edward? He removed all the barriers for her and never talked about his plans to her. All he showed in front of her was his sweet concern. Sometimes, he pleased her through flattery.

"The sponsorship cooperation started before you were reported anonymously. We discussed about it during our meeting. At that time, we thought the president of the FX International Group was strange, because he didn't state any terms that would be advantageous for his company. He only reserved rights for one requirement. As for what he wanted in detail, none of us knew. But he promised that his requirement would not pose any threat to the army and cause any problem. He said it would just be a minor requirement. Now, I understand him. He reserved the rights for you."

The commander had a high opinion of Edward. He was young, but he managed such a big company. What's more, FX International Group was well-developed in every aspect under his management. Though it was a family business he took over from his father, it couldn't have developed into such a grand tycoon without his clever brain and diplomatic shrewdness. The FX International Group was currently part of the top 10 most powerful corporations.

"I don't know. He didn't tell me about it at all. I only found out about the sponsorship the day before yesterday." Daisy grew slightly flustered. She had talked with Edward about it yesterday morning. Although she had been a little aggressive at that time, she didn't blame him for it. She just didn't like it when he kept things from her. She understood that it was his unique way of protecting her. But she preferred to face all difficulties together with him instead of being under his protection.

Kevin's heart

g out the thin glass window. He watched the clouds float across the sky. He was bored with his lonely life in the hospital. There was nothing he could do as a patient. He fiddled with his new cell phone. It was one of the latest mobile phones with a modern and unique design. But he wasn't used to it because there weren't any pictures of Daisy in it and he couldn't save one as the screensaver. He wanted to see her beautiful face every time he unlocked his phone. Now, the phone was just a cold electronic product to him. He'd rather watch the changing clouds in the sky. It would be more interesting.

"Mr. Mu." Luke caught Edward's lonely face when he came in. He knew Edward must be feeling quite bored in the hospital. Otherwise, he wouldn't be showing such a dull and lonely expression. Luke anticipated that he would grow bored, so he went back to the hospital as soon as possible. But he first went to the suburbs after handing the video in, afraid that his men might torture Paul Du to death. Before everything was clear, he didn't want him to die.

"Yes! You're back. How are things going?" Edward tore his gaze from the clouds. He already anticipated the result. Although Daisy looked cold and indifferent, her soft heart might make her forgive Hank if he begged her. That was why he deliberately didn't tell her about it. He didn't want Hank to get away without any punishment after all the things he had done to set Daisy up. Hank was a sinister man who deserved no mercy.

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