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My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8819

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Leena stumbled into the bathroom. Hearing the noise behind, Kevin couldn't help but turn his head to see Leena trip over the long sheet. Fortunately, she didn't fall down.

Kevin strode to pick up the bra that Leena dropped in a panic. There was a wicked smile on his handsome face. He knew that Leena would be upset once she realized that her bra was missing.

Sure enough, Leena pulled a long face when she couldn't find her bra. She muttered to herself, 'Come on! Where's my bra? I remember bringing it with me. Why can't I find it?'

Kevin stopped outside the bathroom. Pursing his lips, he cleared his throat and knocked at the door to attract Leena's attention. He could imagine how anxious Leena was in the bathroom.

"Please wait a few more minutes. I'll be ready soon." Leena looked into the mirror sullenly, on the verge of tears. She racked her brain for solutions regardless of her restlessness.

"Are you sure you only need a few minutes? Do you need my help? I have something in my hand." Kevin fiddled with the lace bra that he picked up from the ground. He didn't expect someone who seemed petite and cute like Leena to have avant-garde ideas and good taste for clothing.

Leena blushed at Kevin's words. Thinking of Kevin shaking his head at her bra in disdain, she subconsciously looked down at her small but plump breasts. She got angry at her carelessness.

"Give it to me." With a flushed face, Leena opened a crack in the door and stretched out her delicate hand. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears as her nervousness grew.

"The pattern and color look nice, but it's a bit small." Kevin smirked, placing the bra on her shaky hand.

"So what? You're behaving indecently." Leena withdrew her hand as soon as she got the bra and immediately closed the door. To be sure, she deftly locked the door.

"Hey, do I behave indecently?" Kevin was stunned. He had always been a flawless man in the eyes of others. Why did Leena say that he behaved indecently?

"Yes. Beyond the shadow of a doubt." Leena shivered at the thought of Kevin holding her bra between the fingers and staring at it with lecherous thoughts.

"As the saying goes, he who wants to beat a dog will easily find a stick. It's difficult to get along with women and villains. Fine. I won't argue with you. Come out after you get dressed. I have to take a shower."

Kevin smiled helplessly. This was the real Leena, charming and energetic. Melancholy didn't suit her at all. Instead, she was supposed to be cheerful and outgoing.

"I'm ready." The mini skirt and chiffon blouse gave Leena a graceful, aristocratic and elegant temperament. T

the video. She had doubts about Hank and Jessica, but she didn't know why Hank would do this to her. Was she really the reason why he didn't get promoted? His deep resentment must be the reason why he wanted to bring her down.

No matter how much Hank had provoked Daisy, she thought that he only desired to excel over her. She didn't think that he would be so narrow-minded. He assumed that he would get what he wanted and be promoted if he brought Daisy down. What a pity. Didn't he know that he had to pass various assessments before he could get a promotion?

"You really have no idea of this? I assumed it was sent by order of Mr. Mu. I thought you would know something. Now I'm confused." The commander started to doubt if the video was sent by Edward. By the look of things, Daisy seemed to be ignorant of the matter.

"Did he? I didn't even know that he had this video. When did he find out that someone filed an accusation against me?" Daisy was stunned. She didn't mention it to Edward, but it seemed that Edward knew about it. Mark most likely told Edward about it. He catered to Edward's wishes so much that it looked like he worked for Edward.

"The background of the video is the anniversary venue of the FX International Group. Someone clearly recorded the conversation between them. I think only someone who works for Mr. Mu would link the relationship between the two. Otherwise, who else would know you were being investigated in the army base?"

Kevin analyzed calmly. He had carefully observed the security situation at the venue and found that it was heavily guarded. This must be credited to Luke. Luke was apparently Edward's bodyguard. Impressively, he considered every aspect of the security. He shouldn't be underestimated.

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