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   Chapter 485 Take My Responsibility As Your Husband (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7976

Updated: 2018-11-16 00:32

After a while, Kevin went back upstairs with the noodles. He gently knocked on the bedroom door again, but he heard no response from inside the room. With a frown, he tried again and knocked harder on the door. Still, Leena didn't open the door nor make any sound. He could only hear the sound of his knocks echoing in the corridor.

Kevin tried to turn the knob, but to his disappointment, Leena had locked the door from inside when she came into the bedroom. Staring at the closed door for a short while, Kevin turned around and headed to his study. If Leena wouldn't open the door for him, he could always use the spare key to open the door himself! After Kevin fetched the spare key and opened the locked bedroom, he was stunned to see the woman who was soundly sleeping in their bed. Holding the noodles, Kevin suddenly had no idea what he should do at the moment. He wasn't gone for long, and he definitely didn't expect that Leena would fall asleep so soon. He thought maybe she was just locking herself in the bedroom and secretly angry with him.

Slowly and gently, Kevin made a beeline for the bedside. Leena was curling herself up like a little kitten, a delicate porcelain doll. No matter what Kevin felt about Leena before, his heart softened all of a sudden at the sight of the sleeping beauty. Men were always like this. They had an issue with the hero complex. They tended to play the alpha male and protect the weak and delicate. As a man, and more importantly, a Major General in the army, Kevin couldn't help feeling like keeping Leena under his wings to protect her from any harm all of a sudden.

Kevin pulled the quilt over to cover her in case she would catch a cold. Then he gently tucked the hair falling on her face behind her ear. Upon seeing the tear stains on her pretty face, Kevin froze for a while. Her tears somehow bruised his heart.

Hesitant, he reached out his fingers to caress her creamy skin. The touch of her fair skin was so fascinating that he couldn't help but slightly pinch her rosy cheek before wiping the tear stains for her. He went blank for a few seconds as his fingers met her tender lips. It felt like he was spellbound and couldn't move his eyes away from her. Finally, Kevin forced a bitter smile and leaned forward to kiss her forehead. He then sat back while fixing his eyes on Leena's sleeping profile. He sighed heavily as he

That was why she didn't bring her pajamas or changing clothes with her into the bathroom. When she got out of the tub, she just casually dried the water off her body and walked to the closet to find something to wear. While she was humming a tune and going through her closet, naked, Kevin, the one who she thought couldn't be there, showed up at the door.

Kevin's face slightly twitched. He felt a bit awkward because he had seen everything whether he intended to do so or not. Now that Leena had wrapped herself up, was it necessary for him to turn around? He didn't see the point anyway. But he knew she was coy and embarrassed at the moment. Thinking about all the problems between them that they hadn't found a proper way to settle and make their relationship less awkward, Kevin then decided not to provoke her any further and simply turn around as she demanded, in case she got mad at him this time.

Upon seeing Kevin turn around with his back to the door, Leena turned to the closet and randomly grabbed her underwear and her clothes before hastily dashing into the bathroom again. She blushed as she ran. She secretly blamed herself for not checking whether she was really alone in the house before she went out of the bathroom without wearing anything. She was a married woman and this was not her home; she should have been more careful! Leena felt so humiliated that she didn't even know how to face Kevin right now. What would he think of her? What could she say to explain herself? Leena could only sigh heavily in distress. This was going to be harder than she thought.

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