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   Chapter 483 The Dowry Was The Whole Property Of The Company (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5530

Updated: 2018-11-15 02:10

Cynthia reached her hand and slicked back Daisy's hair. Such a gentle move gave Daisy a familiar feeling. Edward also liked to twiddle with her hair, Daisy realized this habit was inherited from his mother's tenderness. No matter how much he rejected her mother's love, his cold heart had already been melted by this love. Blood is thicker than water, the saying goes, and this seemed to hold true now.

The leaves on the trees by the side of the road moved with the gentle breeze, like mischievous spirits dancing wantonly. Kevin drove fast along this road. He felt anxious about what Daisy had said to him this afternoon. He had thought to call Leena to show that he cared, but he always got a busy line when he called.

He licked his chapped lips caused by the dry weather in the autumn, his eyebrows furrowing deeper. He could have gotten off work earlier. But he was delayed by some urgent affair. This was ordinary as a soldier and Kevin couldn't do anything about it. He actually had no time at his disposal.

It only took half an hour for Kevin to arrive at his apartment, he usually would spend an hour in traffic. Obviously he drove very fast. He took a deep breath in front of the door. He had thought to ring the bell, but he paused before pressing the button. He gave up on the idea and took the key out of his briefcase.

He had imagined that at the moment he opened the door, he would see a sweet scene as Leena would smile gracefully at him under the soft light in surprise. It was his turn to be surprised, for when he opened the door, what embraced him was complete darkness in the house.

He turned on the light in doubt, the whol

s? When did he ever take the initiative to call her before? And when did he care about her?

She stupidly waited for him the whole night yesterday, because she still had a glimmer of hope for him. But she had already become numb and desperate after waiting for him so long till now. From the moment when she came back home from the hospital, she had imagined numerous scenes how she could face him when he came back. But he didn't show up the whole night, and worse, he didn't even call.

Okay, he was a soldier, and probably there were cases when it was not convenient for him to make a call. For that she would not take offense and it was forgivable. But from yesterday night till tonight, she didn't eat anything. She had tried hard to persuade herself to go out to relax a bit, because she worried that her mind would explode with nervous tension. but she didn't think that she'd be confronted with Kevin's harsh interrogation the moment she walked in the door. And this finally led to the burst of her emotions which had accumulated in her heart for awhile now. It had been a long time coming.

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