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   Chapter 481 I Have A Gun and I'm Not Afraid to Use It (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7576

Updated: 2018-11-15 00:45

Daisy forced a bitter smile. She didn't want to experience anything terrible like that again. Gunfights were stressful all on their own, let alone this one. Killing was never easy. If it was, you'd be insane. The battle had frayed her nerves. Daisy had to admit that she was incapable of facing such a scene again.

"Are you okay? Did you get hurt?" Brian asked and studied Daisy carefully up and down. He only felt relaxed when he was sure that Daisy was not hurt.

"I didn't get hurt. But I would be the one lying on the bed in the hospital but for Edward. He used his body to shield me and was shot as a result." Daisy stretched out her hand and touched Brian on his head. She fondled his hair in an amiable way. She was satisfied with her life. She had everything that all women were dreaming of: a husband who loved her heart and soul, a cute son, and beloved family members who cared for her very much. Now, Brian, her lovely brother, was back. She had one more person to love and one more person to love her. She was given everything she longed for, she couldn't wish for more!

"Sis, it's okay." Brian took Daisy gently into his arms. He knew well that Daisy was still haunted by bad memories arising from the horrible gunfight, even if it was in the past. Brian could feel how Daisy felt about Edward from her words and actions. She must love Edward very much. She looked gentle and affectionate whenever she mentioned Edward. But Edward almost died for her. How could Daisy bear the terrible memory of the accident that had nearly killed him?

"Thank you, Brian!" Brian's gentle hug was different from Edward's. Edward always smelled of a hint of jasmine, a scent that was sexually alluring to Daisy. But in Brian's arms, what Daisy felt was the vigor belonging to a young man. Brian's hug was as warm as sunshine, and gave Daisy the energy and vitality that she needed when she was in the darkness. Daisy felt peace in Brian's hug, and lingered longer in his arms to absorb the positive energy she needed.

Mark knew nothing about Brian, he didn't even know he existed. He felt puzzled when he picked up and answered Daisy's cell phone that she had forgotten in the back seat. He wondered where the hell this so-called brother came from. Daisy seemed l

d such words to comfort Brian. Brian could clearly feel it.

"I want to ask Brian something. I'll be back soon." Daisy gave Edward a gentle peck on his forehead. Although the kiss was as mild as a drop of rain falling into a lake, it immediately appeased Edward and quenched his wrath. Edward smiled heartily.

"Hmm! I'll wait for you." Although Edward had no idea what Daisy wanted to get out of Brian, he had no desire to figure it out. Everybody had his or her privacy. Even the most intimate lovers had their own secrets. Edward didn't mind if Daisy told him everything about her or not. He just hoped that Daisy was honest with him and was willing to tell him her true feelings if she had any doubts about him. Frankness and honesty were the only ways to dispel misunderstandings.

"Okay! I must be as transparent as the air. You guys were going at it like I wasn't even here, " Brian grumbled and expressed his disapproval. But he felt happy in his heart when he saw Daisy and Edward were in such a close relationship. Daisy's happiness was his greatest wish as well as his greatest comfort. But he wondered what Daisy wanted to know from him.

"Sorry if we two lovebirds upset you so much, why don't you find a girlfriend, and get intimate with her in front of us? Then we'll be even." Edward said and looked at Brian with a satisfied expression. He smiled at Brian like an immoral winner would smile at a pitiful loser. Edward was so mean that anyone would fly into a rage over what he just did.

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