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   Chapter 480 I Have A Gun and I'm Not Afraid to Use It (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8481

Updated: 2018-11-15 00:45

"Miss Lin, you don't need to worry about him. You'd better take care of yourself! After all, you are pregnant now, aren't you? Mark, let's go." Daisy left without hesitation as soon as she finished speaking. She looked extremely charming in her olive green military uniform when she walked towards the entrance of the cafe. Daisy was tall, slender and good-shaped. But her face was cool and solemn. She looked too dignified and too aloof to welcome attention from anybody.

"Behave yourself. Next time I hear you insulting our colonel, you won't get off easy. I have a gun, and I'm not afraid to use it." Although Mark still looked like a simple honest boy, he tried his best to speak like a mature senior officer. He would despise himself if he behaved otherwise in front of this arrogant woman. No sooner had Mark finished speaking he scurried to catch up with Daisy. He cared nothing about who Jessica Lin was and what she could do! Mark respected Daisy a lot. He was willing to defend and fight for her, and would turn into a tiger in front of those who intended to hurt Daisy.

"Mary, we'll discuss this when we're back home. I'm going to give you a piece of my mind." Brian swept a glance at the girls before finally settling his gaze on Mary. Then he turned and left without hesitation.

Jessica bit her lip in fury, and clenched her hands tightly into firm little fists. When she thought of Daisy's arrogance, she felt a strong desire to tear her apart. Everyone had warned and threatened her, taking Daisy's side. She hated that feeling. Jessica wondered whether she was a pushover in everyone's opinion. Even a young soldier dared to insult and threaten her. Who the hell did he think he was? Jessica would stand for no more of this humiliation. She must fight back and take revenge! 'Just wait and see, Daisy!' Jessica said to herself, 'I will never forget what happened today. And you are the one who humiliated me to the point of no return. You are the one! I will never forget what you did to me. And the day will come when I settle all the grudges between you and me!'

"So that's it?" Coco asked Jessica with a frown. She knew Jessica very well. It was impossible for Jessica to swallow any indignity. Blood for blood, that was the principal philosophy that Jessica believed in her life. She would do everything she could to take revenge for the embarrassment she suffered. And she never failed in carrying out that philosophy. The only difference was how she did it.

"But what can we do now? Do you have any better w

ver met each other until today. Was it possible that Coco was one of Edward's ex-girlfriends?

"Was it because of Edward?" Brian asked tentatively. Fighting over a man was the most common cause for the enmity between women. Edward was charming and was born into a wealthy family. Brian believed that many women were willing to vie for his love. He was fully aware why those woman hated Daisy so much.

"Just forget it! They are just exes. Whatever happened between them and Edward is over. I don't want to spend too much time and energy on the past. It means nothing to me. The future is the only thing I want to look forward to. Obsessing over the past will not help me to build a better future." Daisy didn't want Brian to know about her embarrassing past. Even she herself felt ashamed about it. What would happen if Brian knew? He always tried to protect her. Could Brian stay calm after knowing all this about her miserable past? Daisy didn't want to ask for trouble for her own sake.

"Okay, let's look forward to the future. The past has nothing to do with us. But what matters now is where we are heading?" The question suddenly struck Brian when they were far off from the cafe.

"The hospital. Edward was injured." Daisy trusted Brian a lot. She had no intention to hide Edward's injury from him. Besides, there was something Daisy wanted to know from Brian.

"What? Was it serious? How did it happen?" Actually, Brian didn't ask for Edward's sake, but Daisy's. He just worried about her. Edward was the man Daisy loved, after all.

"It was my fault he got into a gunfight. He would be perfectly fine otherwise. Lucky for us, the wound wasn't fatal. He'll recover soon."

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