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   Chapter 479 The Princess Of Ouyang Family (Part Two)

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"Intimate? I don't think so. There is only one reason for your dirty mind; you have a problem understanding others. It looks like that we are on different mental levels because I am far smarter than you."

Brian had been abroad, and hadn't been back in the country for long. So he didn't know the two aggressive women. But he would never miss the opportunity to speak up for Daisy without hesitation as long as someone, no matter who they were, talked badly of her. No matter how powerful their family might be, he would always be on Daisy's side. Daisy was the most important person in his mind.

"Hey boy! Is this the family education of Ouyang? Watch your manners. How can you be so rude talking with your elders?" Coco disliked Brian's easy smile. Also, she hated it when he made fun of her intelligence because she had done terrible in school. Else she wouldn't have decided to give up on university and be an actress. It was a sensitive topic for her.

"Colonel, Mr. Mu's calling." The moment Brian was about to move his lips and retort, Mark suddenly walked in and passed the phone to Daisy respectfully.

"Hello! This is Daisy." Daisy believed it was hard to tell whether someone in a manner matched their family education or not. Just examining the words would be not enough. Actions speak louder than words. So she just turned a deaf ear to them.

"Honey, are you busy at work?" Edward had been waiting for quite a long time, but he didn't see his little woman. So he got the phone from Luke and made the call. He didn't mean to nag her. He was just a little worried.

"Oh, a little bit. But I'm already back in town. Are you feeling okay now?" Daisy frowned for an instant. She had wanted to go to t

stopped her from slapping Daisy in the face last time, he was supposed to do the same this time. He didn't know the history between Mr. Mu and her, but he would never allow her hurt his colonel.

"You again! Are you a dog? Why are you always following her?" Jessica had only concentrated on the words 'Mr. Mu's calling' when Mark came in just now. She hadn't paid much attention to other things. But now seeing Mark standing in front of her, she recognized him as the guy who grabbed her hand when she was about to slap Daisy.

"Sorry, no! I'm a dragon, not a dog. But how kind of you to ask about my birthday. Oh, what's more, I'm Colonel's accompanying officer, namely her bodyguard. I'm in charge of her daily life and safety. So it's reasonable that I am always following her."

Mark explained in a serious manner. His words, together with his good-natured expression were so funny. If they were not in the wrong place at the wrong time, Brian would burst into laughter at what he saw now. Mark looked like a good-natured man, but he actually insulted Jessica. What he said was damn ironic! He mocked her without a single dirty word.

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