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   Chapter 478 The Princess Of Ouyang Family (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6107

Updated: 2018-11-15 00:33

"Bastard? Are you talking about yourself? My sister is the real princess of Ouyang Family. She is a pure Ouyang but never shows off. Oh, talking about showing off, one of us is clearly inferior. She goes around showing off, proclaiming she's highborn when she's not. Oh my God, I'm so sick of it."

Brian had a sharp wit. Not only was he making fun of Mary, but he skewered all the upper class people with their noses in the air, who were mean simply because they're rotten people. He had a discerning eye, and regarded them as inferiors.

"You lie! How could she be the princess of Ouyang Family. If she really is, why have I never seen her at those grand cocktail parties? She doesn't even attend any social activities. Are you trying to confuse us?"

In Jessica Lin's opinion, Daisy Ouyang had been, was, and always would be a woman of humble birth. It was a fact that could never be changed, even if she was a colonel, an invaluable military officer. So she always had a condescending manner. The only advantage she had was the higher-class blood that flowed in her veins. But what was Brian saying now? That Daisy Ouyang was the princess of Ouyang Family! If that were true, then Jessica's advantage was gone. After all, Ouyang Foreign Trade was as large as Lin Group.

"Hum! Do you think I'm the kind who always claims to be related to others? Of course my sister is the princess. Oh, it depends on whether she's willing to claim she is a member of Ouyang Family or not. Do you know Cheng Financial Group? It was a consortium that belonged to Daisy's grandfather on her mother's side. It's the predecessor of Ouyang Foreign Trade."

At first, Brian didn't know the history of Ouyang Foreign Trade. After the cocktail party of FX International Group, he made some further inquiries and found out that it had been a co

ond my reach." Brian picked up Daisy' coffee and took a sip. He gave Daisy a thumbs up, conveying that the coffee tasted good and she must have a deep understanding about coffee.

"Well, well, well! What an intimate picture..." Coco lifted her eyebrows and laughed disdainfully at Daisy. She didn't care about everyone else's opinions of Daisy. All she wanted was to find every opportunity to tease and embarrass Daisy and her alone.

"For sure. I saw it too." Although Jessica's face was still slightly red and swollen, it was not as serious as Daisy's face had been yesterday. Probably because Brian hadn't slapped her with much strength. You'd hardly notice it. Jessica grew quite jealous at the sight of Brian sipping the coffee and getting along well with Daisy. It was totally an eyesore for her. She felt that Brian and Daisy were so close, so in sync, that no one could keep them apart. She couldn't figure out how she felt about it, either. Envy? Or Admiration? She didn't know.

Daisy didn't say anything. Her slight and indifferent smile resting on her mouth made it difficult for others to read her mind. It seemed that they were not talking about her but others. She seemed to be lost in her world.

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