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   Chapter 477 Sleeping Around

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"People talk. If I took every rumor seriously, I'd have no time to eat or sleep. That's the life of us rich and famous ladies. Everyone brags and gossips about us, and wishes their lives are somehow connected with us. How many of them do you think are telling the truth?"

Jessica said. Then she thought, 'Humph! Daisy, you want to anger me? In your dreams! It might be a good plan, but I'm not as stupid as Mary, who gets irritated easily by a few words of yours.'

"I'm not from a wealthy family, maybe I was wrong, but there's no smoke without fire. Sometimes the truth emerges after someone stirs things up. Isn't that the favorite trick of the so-called upper-class?"

Daisy's eyelids drooped, as if she was staring at the coffee mug, but she stole a glance at those hostile women every now and then.

"You seem to have a problem with the upper-class. Do you think it is appropriate to hate rich people so much, as the wife of the CEO of FX International Group?" Coco held Daisy responsible for her being shut out of entertainment business by Edward, because she thought if Daisy hadn't showed up in Edward's life, he wouldn't have dumped her cousin Jessica, and things would have been different. She would have remained a superstar in the spotlight.

"I have never hated rich people. Being rich or poor depends on your attitude, that is, how much you think is enough. I never force myself to work for money. I'm contented with a comfortable, happy life. By the way, we've never met. Do you think it is appropriate to talk with me in that tone?"

Daisy didn't recall she had offended this pretty woman.

"Gee, how embarrassing! You don't even recognize Coco, an international superstar. What a hillbilly! Don't ever tell anyone you're an Ouyang. You're a shame to that name." Now that other people were here, Mary wasn't afraid of Daisy anymore. She sneered at her and started to humiliate her as much as she could.

"Why should I know her? I'm not a teenager who spends every waking hour keeping up with her favorite stars. And I'm not a silly girl chasing meaningless things. As for the name Ouyang, I wish it had nothing to do with my life. So stop pretending it is an honorable name, you make me want to puke."

Daisy didn't care if her family background was revealed. She wasn't worried about what kind of verbal attack might come at her next. No one had ever scared her in her entire life. At this moment she faced her enemies bravely.

"Interesting. Daisy, as I recall I asked you last time whether you knew Mary or not, you

d. She shared the same mother with Brian, but he was never close to her. Instead, he was always protecting Daisy and behaved affectionately toward her in front of Mary. She couldn't take it anymore.

"Blpph! Mary, did you get kicked in the head? You have forgotten everything I told you. I have only one sister and that is Daisy. You? You don't deserve to be anybody's sister. I'll deal with you about what happened today at home. I warned you not to bother Daisy again. But you not only didn't listen to me but also allied yourself with these loose women and humiliated her. What should I do with you? Huh?"

Brian gave a bigger smile. In truth he didn't just bump into Daisy. He had called her up and Mark told him that she was here. So he had come to see her, but only to find that several women were bullying her. He couldn't help getting involved.

"Watch your damn mouth! Who were you referring to as loose women?" Coco warned. She was pompous and wouldn't stand anybody talking about her like that.

"Whoever responds to it. I never mentioned a name." Brian smiled evilly and glanced at Coco with his eyebrows raised. Another disgusting, pretentious woman pretending to be innocent and noble.

"You say Daisy is your sister and Mary says she is your sister too. Is Daisy a member of the Ouyangs? But why did I never hear about her? Is she a bastard?"

Jessica asked Brian with her hand on her cheek. It still stung, and was turning red. That was the question on her mind. But her eyes were fixed on Daisy resentfully. Why did everyone love her? Both her in-laws and the others around her. Why was she so perfect in their eyes that they were willing to do everything to protect her?

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