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   Chapter 476 Shut Up (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5348

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"Ah! Help! Sh-sh-she's going to kill me!" Although Mary's jaw was firmly gripped by Daisy's hand, she began to call for help. Who knew if Daisy meant it or not? But if you looked at how cold she was, the rage in her eyes, it looked like she was serious.

"Kill you? Do you think you deserve to be killed by a Colonel? Shut up, or I might carry through on my promises. The more you smart off to me, the angrier I'll get. I think you don't need me to remind you of this. This is what I'm like. Surprised by my little hobby, huh?"

Daisy sensed the gaze of other people boring into her from the corner of her eye. She narrowed her eyes and released Mary. Ultimately, she was helpless. She didn't want to ruin her good image and the image of the whole troop. So she couldn't do anything to this hateful woman. But at least she vented her anger by intimidating her.

"You... You..." Hearing Daisy's words, angry as she was, Mary didn't dare spit out any more insults. Mary was terrified by Daisy's evil look. Besides, the dignified uniform Daisy wore alone would have made Mary humble herself in the presence of Daisy.

"What else do you want to say? If you've nothing else to say, I'm leaving." Daisy knew she already attracted attention from other people around the place, so she must leave here as soon as possible. If she was recognized by anyone, she would get into trouble. She didn't want to make the headlines of tomorrow's newspapers because of this.

"Haha! Daisy, is this how you abuse your position? So bullying innocent citizens is also your duty." Followed by sweet laughter, Jessica a

o threaten her. He had underestimated Jessica. She would not be afraid of this useless man.

"Oh! Since you have mentioned that he once belonged to you. You said 'once.' So it was a fling in the past. And I don't really care about what happened in the past. But you really don't know Hank? Then it's so strange. Did I mishear this morning? I'm sorry, my life has been too sweet recently and sometimes I get lost in thought. Otherwise I would not have misheard this morning that Hank mentioned something like he had a one-night affair with the daughter of the CEO of Lin Group."

Daisy scratched her hair and pretended to be innocent. She was playing the trick of pretending to be as weak as a pig, luring the tiger to her trap and getting the prey. She didn't believe that Jessica wouldn't care when she talked about how happy she was with Edward. Daisy knew Jessica was deeply obsessed with Edward, so after Jessica heard Daisy's remarks, she would certainly become very annoyed. Then Daisy would see whether she would lose her composure and fall into her trap.

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