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   Chapter 475 Shut Up (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5766

Updated: 2018-11-14 01:04

"Although I don't live in the suburbs, I work on the military base, it's far from here. Got a problem with that?" Daisy squinted at Mary. She wore her uniform today, so she sat up straight, as a good soldier should. She looked very spirited and there was no trace of laziness in her image.

"Okay, I'll drop it. I only want to know why you caused problems between my mother and my father. Do you still want to come back to our house? Do you think it possible?"

Mary turned the cup in her hand and stared at Daisy in an aggressive manner, her eyes full of contempt. She hated Daisy to the core. Why she was always blessed by the gods? Why did she easily get all the nice things in the world? First, she was born into a good family. Then she got married to a handsome man and became the mother of an adorable boy. What was more irritating to Mary was that Daisy climbed up to the high position of a Colonel at such a young age. All these were something she couldn't get even if she toiled and struggled for her whole life, while Daisy getting them so easily as if they were at her fingertips. How could she not feel envious, jealous and hateful?

"Your house? Huh! As a Colonel, I don't miss that dirty place at all! Why do you think I'd even want to?"

Although she said it easily, she felt very sad in her heart. Mary said "my father", yes! From the moment when Mary and Yakira entered the house, Daisy's father had become Mary's father. Daisy couldn't remember any moment that she could feel her father's love for her since they came. So Mary was right. It was Daisy's fault to still hold onto the sweet memory she enjoyed in childhood, even her relationship with her family had come to this hopeless point.

"Since y

already crossed the table in front of her, her tender fingers firmly grasping Mary's lower jaw, her eyes glaring at Mary ferociously.

"Daisy, what are you doing? Are you going to beat me up right here? Aren't you afraid that you'll be punished by the army?" Gazing at Daisy, she could see the colonel had a sinister look on her face. Mary was frightened. She couldn't imagine that the cruel woman before her was the Daisy she knew. Daisy used to be a very weak and vulnerable maid in her house. And she felt horrible, Daisy was like the evil god Sura from Hell.

"Punish? I'm a Colonel, do you think anyone will trust you? Do you think that I will be punished because I beat a woman who insults a military officer? What can you do if I send you to jail today? Let alone beat you here. You'd better watch your vicious foul mouth, or you'll quickly find a bullet in your head. You disgust me!"

It was true that Daisy's attitude was imperious, but she really had the ability to mess with Mary. If she really became ruthless, it was a breeze for her to get rid of her. It depended on whether Daisy was willing to dirty her noble hands to do it.

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