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   Chapter 474 Mary's Invitation (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5762

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Daisy gave a snort of disgust. She smiled scornfully. 'Mary Ouyang, I know what kind of tricks you're planning to play! Have you figured out some new ones? Quit bitching that I, as a colonel, bullied you. You're great at lying, no matter to whom. Just like your mother. '

"'Sunset of Dusk'. I'll see you there." Mary hung up immediately after she finished her words. She picked out the lip stick and applied it carefully to make her lips more beautiful. Then she finished her make up with great satisfaction. Meanwhile, a sense of ignorance emerged in her heart. 'Daisy Ouyang, you are still so innocent. You can't control your temper as long as I irritate you, right? You are really such a stupid soldier. You can't bear it at all when someone slanders you. This is why you are pathetic! I am curious what a colonel can do in the army. You value the army so much.'

"Mark, let's go somewhere else! 'Sunset of Dusk', do you know where it is?" Daisy lowered her hand holding the phone. She asked with slight frowning.

"Colonel, no problem at all. Even if I don't know, we have our GPS." Mark turned the wheel sharply. The car original had been heading for the hospital. But now it was going in another direction.

"Yes! No need to rush. Drive slowly. We are not in a hurry." Edward disliked it when he had to wait for someone during a date. As his wife, she was supposed to do the same, wasn't she? Because a good Jack makes a good Jill. And now she was not in a hurry to see someone she hated.

"Yes. Colonel, are you going to put the fear of God in that guy?" Mark watched her through the rear view mirror in the car while driving the car steadily. He inferred that the woman called her must be someone she disliked

at a wife of a president has never been to a place like this? Do you think I'll believe it?" Mary stared angrily at Daisy who was sitting opposite to her. She looked so cozy and elegant. Mary hated it so much that she couldn't wait to leave a slap in her face to compress her confidence. She indeed had wanted to see her embarrassment at first, but she didn't expect her to come in the military uniform. Daisy was not embarrassed at all. Instead, she stole her thunder. Mary was extremely upset about it.

"Come on. I don't care whether you believe it or not. It seems that you didn't set a time for the appointment on the phone, right?" Daisy sneered. Then she pointed at the coffee and said to the waiter, "Can I have a cup of Costa Coffee? Thanks."

"Are you living in the suburbs? You spent almost one hour driving here. It's only a 10-minute car ride." She had thought Daisy didn't know much about coffee. But she had ordered a cup of Costa Coffee. That kind of coffee had an excellent favor. It tasted smooth with relatively higher acid and an attractive aroma. It's quite popular in the upper class. The drink of choice was for the rich.

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