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   Chapter 473 Mary's Invitation (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6013

Updated: 2018-11-14 01:04

"Wait, what do you mean? There was an anonymous tip-off about me some days earlier. Do you have something to do with it? Or you wouldn't know The Investigation Department's real purpose talking to me."

Daisy shot a stern glare at Hank. If he didn't have anything to do with the tip-off, he wouldn't know its content because The Investigation Department would never disclose this kind of thing to others just off the cuff. And she didn't believe that the commander would be so careless to tell him about it. So the only explanation would be that he had known it in advance.

"I have something to do with it? What are you talking about? There's a saying: there's no smoke without fire. Do you know it, Colonel Ouyang? The day has eyes, the night has ears. If you want to keep something a secret, the best way is having no secret. What? I was just guessing. Did I hit it?"

Gosh! Hank broke into a cold sweat secretly. He was annoyed with himself that he didn't remain calm while talking to her. She might have found him out! It looked like that this woman was not the kind who could be fooled easily. He must be careful dealing with her. Otherwise, his life would be destroyed!

"Oh, sure! Lieutenant Colonel, you're really lucky. You know the so-called truth with just a random guess. You're pretty clever! You seem to be much more brilliant than a fortune-teller. Do you know what I am curious about? I wonder what Jessica Lin has promised you so that you were willing to give up your career and side with her to set me up."

Guessing? Who couldn't do it? The point was whether you'd like to do it or not. She always remained suspicious about Jessica Lin. Now that Hank said he was just guessing, Daisy thought she could do the same too. She decided to make a bold guess that they colluded to

Why would she waste her time to see someone who she disliked? She'd much rather spend time with her husband. To her, that was time well spent.

"What? You can do whatever you want as a colonel? Don't give me flack! Soldiers like to claim that they are here for the people, for the common men. That they exist to protect the rights of everyone. But here you are, refusing to see me, a civilian. I want to see you. What a simple request. Can't you even do it? Now I really doubt what kind of promises you, and the army, can keep."

Just then Mary stopped her tirade. She was defeated by Daisy's elegance and beauty that day on the cocktail party for FX International Group. She was upset, but more by her own self. So she was desperate to overshadow Daisy. She wanted to prove that she was the real princess.

"You're talking nonsense. You should know, the army doesn't exist for you. And I don't have to satisfy you because you are making trouble out of nothing. But now that you bring up that common man crap, and insist you are a civilian that needs my help, I'll come see you. I won't let you bring a false charge against me. You insist on seeing me, right? Well, let's decide on a place."

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