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   Chapter 472 A Clean Hand Wants No Washing (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7379

Updated: 2018-11-14 01:03

Slightly shaking her head, Daisy also turned away. Since Kevin's matter was temporarily solved, Edward once again occupied her mind. He was so wicked and charming at the same time. She wondered if he was feeling good at this moment, and whether he was doing what the doctor had ordered him to do. She also wondered whether he was thinking of her just like she was thinking of him...

"Colonel Ouyang, please wait for a moment." Just as Daisy was about to enter her office, a deep voice sounded behind her. She paused and looked back.

When Daisy recognized Hank's face, she frowned, and coldly questioned. "What do you want? If you want to fight me again, I'll have to decline the honor. I'm very busy today, and I'm not in the mood to do anything, so just go away if you're looking to cause problems."

That said, she glanced at him out of the corners of her eyes. Daisy didn't want to pay attention to him. She had no idea why this man had to keep on getting on her nerves. There were so many people for him to pick on; why did he have to pick on her? Did he think that she was an easy target, just because she was a woman? Or, did he think that as a man, he should've outranked her? But one's rank was related to one's ability. If he didn't like to be a low-ranking official, he should work harder and win a higher rank. But instead of that, every time he bumped into her, he would find some reason to harp on her. When he started doing it, she thought he might want to compete with her, but more often she started to think it was a deliberate act of revenge.

"Why are you so busy, Colonel Ouyang? Oh, according to my new findings, should I salute and call you Mrs. Mu? You always say that you earned your position, which turns out to be a lie. I never thought that the wife of the CEO of FX International Group would keep such a low profile. Are you trying to avoid attention? Or, are you trying to cover up something?"

Said Hank sarcastically. Gazing at Daisy, he raised his eyebrows and sneered aggressively. Every word he had said was so mean, but apparently he didn't think he'd gone too far.

He was a shallow, narrow-minded man. He hated the people who had talent, those who were gifted in

g her time in the JC Military Academy.

"What now, colonel? Are you trashing me by calling me 'idle'? Are you trying to say that compared to you, I'm nothing?" retorted Hank exasperatedly. He glowered at Daisy with hatred, as the word "idle" had wounded his pride. For a long time, there had been many important tasks and special cases. But the commander had entrusted them all to Kevin and Daisy. Comparatively speaking, he was lazier than them, which was something he had known. But it didn't mean that he had to take it when Daisy mentioned it to his face. He felt she was using that as an excuse to hate him, and flew into a rage out of humiliation.

"You said it, I didn't. But if you have to think that way, I won't stop you. I can't tell you what to think, can I?" Daisy's patience was running low. She decided to leave Hank be. He was entitled to enjoy his hallucination. But she wasn't going to listen to him rant. She didn't want to talk with him for long, as every word could only pile up resentment in his petty heart.

"Colonel Ouyang, don't get too cocky! If you are as decent as you think you are, you wouldn't be reported, am I right? What's more, do you really think I know nothing about your history? Do you really think that the CEO's wife should be you, not someone else?"

Hank was totally enraged by Daisy's apathy. He had forgotten to hide his secret up his sleeve, and laid it out plain. He outlined Jessica's plan by opening his big mouth.

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