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   Chapter 471 A Clean Hand Wants No Washing (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7365

Updated: 2018-11-14 00:32

"I wish I could be like that. I wish that I am attracted to you for other reasons, and not true love. If that were the case, I could put some distance between us. I'd hurt initially, but not for long, and eventually there wouldn't be a hint of regret surging in my heart."

Kevin closed his eyes in pain. In fact, many times, he also had doubts about his true motion. However, his heart was haunted by Daisy's beautiful silhouette when he thought of her, and when she was around his eyes were fixed on her, no matter how beautiful other women were. He couldn't stop paying attention to her, nor could he give up his love for her.

"Good. Let me ask you another question. How do you feel when I snuggle in another man's arms? Would you feel your heart bleed, but still come up with all kinds of excuses to justify me? And will you suffocate when you see my tears fall because that man is sad, and my smiles blossom because that man is happy? And what if I am nice to everyone, except you? Will you still feel okay if I ignore you? Do you feel the pain of your heart being torn apart if that happens? Tell you what, I did feel that way. My heart was torn apart when Edward was messing around with other women."

Daisy's voice trembled as she slowly revealed her heart. Her eyes were filled with tears as she recalled her agonizing past. These were her most tormenting memories, full of grief and helplessness, leaving behind a wound that would never be ignored or healed.

"Have you ever regretted it? Is Edward worthy of that?" Asked Kevin. At the start, he imagined Daisy's marriage with Edward to be one without love. Thus he thought that married as she was, he could still win her heart. But today, after listening to her story, he suddenly realized that he would never be able to do that. Edward was the winner; he had already taken her heart. But he pondered Daisy's questions. Had he ever had such feelings for Daisy, like hers to Edward?

No, he didn't think so. When he watched her affectionate interaction with Edward, it was sad for him, but not to the point of grief. Seeing her tears and smiles caused by Edward's misfortune or luck, he felt lonely, but never felt that he had to separate

re deserted, and never stepped aside when we were in need. And today, I didn't mean to blame you or scold you. What I'm doing now is trying to tell you the truth, like a real friend has to do. And I mean to protect Leena, nothing more, "

Said Daisy with a slight frown. She didn't want their relationship to be stiff, so when she was talking to Kevin, she tried her best to avoid tough words, so she wouldn't hurt him.

"I'm happy to hear it. I think you've got a lot on your plate, so you probably need to go get some work done. I'm good, and I need some time to sort things through. But you can rest assured. I've been able to handle this matter so sensibly for so long, I won't do anything inappropriate in the future. I've had no improper thoughts since I got married, because I take my title as husband seriously. And let bygones be bygones. My love for you is merely a beautiful memory."

Kevin forced a smile. Then he turned away to his office, lips tightened into a line. Although with a touch of sadness, his handsome face was still full of a soldierly demeanor.

Daisy sighed inwardly as she watched him walking away. She had said everything she could to advise him. And now she had to leave it to time. She hoped he could lift himself out of this, and live happily ever after. People were always stuck in small problems. But once they got free of their improper thoughts, and stopped overthinking everything, all of these things would come together.

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