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   Chapter 469 Kevin's Feelings For Daisy (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6443

Updated: 2018-11-13 01:36

"Well. She's back now. You can just ask her!" Edward saw Daisy who was already back. A touch of exciting energy gleamed in his eyes.

"What are you going to ask me?" Daisy raised the head of the bed upto about 45 degrees while asking Mark. She just confirmed with the nurse that 45-degree was fine and wouldn't press Edward's wound. So she immediately took the action as soon as she came back to make Edward feel better by sitting up for a while.

"Oh! Nothing much, Colonel, the weather seems good today." Mark twitched his mouth. He realized how sly Mr. Mu was! It's fine he didn't tell him the answer. He even sent him in front of the gun. His colonel might punish him to take another cross-country race! He was honest. That was true. But he was not silly enough to mention to her the fact that he had just hit her! He didn't wish to ask for trouble.

"Of course it is. Why are you talking nonsense? Autumn Weather is always good. You are asking a silly question." Daisy frowned slightly and shot a glare at him. Then she began to collect her documents and computer. She had already got everything ready. All she needed to do was to print the file when she arrived at the office.

"Ur, yes! Are we going to the army base now?" Mark was speechless due to Daisy's speech. He stroked his hair awkwardly and smiled affably.

"Wait a moment. There's no hurry." She couldn't relax leaving Edward alone in the hospital. She didn't want to go before someone took over here.

"Honey, are you going to the army base today?" Edward's eyes darkened. But he didn't show any sign of unhappiness. He had married a soldier, and he felt a sense of bittersweetness in this situation. She couldn't always stay beside him even in this particular situation when he was hurt. But he would definitely keep his promise that he would never come in the way of her work no matter what happened.

"Yes! I'll go when Luke's here. Is it okay if I

ealer as well as the firefight following that.

"I don't think my opinion matters much in this case. Anyway, it has already happened. The most important thing to consider now is whether they would acknowledge the mistake and how we are going to deal with it afterward. I am not supposed to make the judgment, right?"

Daisy didn't like to nitpick about the mistakes of other people. Another reason why she chose to be generous was because Edward was better now; otherwise, she would not have acted so calmly.

"I have already reported it to the superiors yesterday. Now that you're not going to deal with it yourself, let's wait for their verdict! Kevin, are you done with the follow-up?"

"Yes! I'm almost done, they have sent a couple of police officers to offer help. So everything is going smoothly. Colonel Ouyang managed it well, so no other vehicle got involved and there weren't any misfires either. Besides, the fire field was relatively far, so there wasn't any panic caused in the surrounding."

Kevin's voice grew hoarse. The non-stop work made him a little tired. But still, he was able to endure it. So he had sat up all night to document the entire process in formal language. All he needed to do was to ask Daisy for some details and add them to his document.

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