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   Chapter 467 A Frank Exchange Of Opinions (Part One)

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"Anyway, I shall thank you. Please accept my appreciation. You can leave if you have something to do! I'm sorry to have taken up so much of your time."

Though Daisy had a cold voice, she thanked Tom in a polite tone. However, all Tom wanted to do was to rush out of the room due to her excessive politeness. He couldn't take credit for himself. Or there would be severer consequences that he would face later. Come on! Who would dare to accept appreciation from Daisy, the wife of Edward Mu? Was he asking for death?

"I'll leave now, Daisy. If you have any questions, you can ask the staff." How Tom wished there was a pair of wheels under his feet so that he could run out of this place full of threats. The longer he stayed, the angrier Edward would be at him.

"Did I scare him?" Seeing Tom disappear in a second, Daisy turned to Edward and asked in a puzzled tone. She felt that these days she had become more gentle than before. She shouldn't have scared him to make him run away.

"No. There's something wrong with his brain. Don't consider him a normal person." Edward slightly raised the corners of his mouth. There was a sly glow flickering in his eyes, 'Tom, just run!' He would come back to him sooner or later. As for Edward? All he needed to do was to wait for Tom to walk right into his trap.

"Oh! Before I forget, there's a file you need to sign." Daisy bent down and picked up the file Mark had brought to her earlier. Meanwhile, she murmured in her mind that the leaders of the army group must have the ability to foretell the future. They even anticipated the time when Edward woke up. It seemed like they were more potent than Tom, the gifted doctor.

"What file?" Edward frowned slig

e didn't care about his money?

"I chose not to tell you because I didn't want you to have any burdens in your mind. Or you may have felt suspicious of yourself and about what you've achieved in your work. You may question your ability because you think you take the lead because of my money. In that case, I'll think what I've done will be completely meaningless."

Though he did this for her, he didn't mean to request them to give special treatment to Daisy for his sake. All he hoped was that they would not give the honor that was supposed to go to Daisy to someone else. Daisy struggled for those honors. She earned them with her ability. He would feel heartbroken if she was replaced by someone else.

"Do you think I am the kind who lives for others' opinions?

Or am I too stupid to trust myself?" Daisy pursed her lips. She wasn't arrogant, but she knew her capability and was sure that no one in S city could be her opponent except for Kevin. Of course, the Commander was not included. Nobody could tell who was the best because she never fought with Kevin. Just think about it, why wouldn't she be confident about herself?

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